Gotham Knights Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

After a pretty long period of silence, Warner Bros. finally revealed the release date for Gotham Knights. When will the highly anticipated game finally come out?

Gotham Knights Is Coming Sooner Than You Think
When you and the crew are on point. | © Warner Bros

Bam, Whopp, Pow – Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have an illness, and it's called Batman fever. I love the Batman universe and shortly after writing this, I will go and watch the excellent new movie featuring everyone's favorite masked vigilante. But we're not here to talk about Batman, no no... we're here to talk about Gotham Knights, the highly anticipated action game by WB Games Montreal. And Bats isn't even in this one! Instead, you play as one of four characters from the Batman universe, like Batgirl or Robin. And we will get the game sooner than you might think...

Gotham Knights Release Date Revealed

Gotham Knights will come out on October 25, as was announced on the official Twitter account. Fans have been wondering when the game will come out, as it has been delayed multiple times and the developers have been pretty quiet about it for a while. Some were even worried that it wouldn't happen in 2022 after all, as they clearly need a long time to finish the game and polish it to a great degree. But don't worry, it will come out this year, in around half a year, actually. How exciting!

We are genuinely hyped for this game. It looks like a continuation of the incredible Arkham formula, but this time with Co-Op. And who doesn't love Co-Op? I'll be Nightwing (get lost, Robin), you'll be Batgirl, and we will have an amazing time in October, when we finally get to play Gotham Knights.