What Is The Batmobile 2022 Hitbox In Rocket League?

Yet again, the Batmobile has made its way into Rocket League. What's the deal this time around, though, what hitbox does it feature?

batmobile 2022
What Hitbox is featured with this latest Batmobile? | © Psyonix

Now, however tedious it may be, Batman once again returns to Rocket League, which means a brand new Rocket League Bundle is available in the Item Shop. Well, not really new, most of these cosmetics have actually been in Rocket League many times before. The 2022 Batmobile is indeed pretty new, though.

As usual, we're going to make this as short as possible. Let's take a look at the Batmobile 2022 Hitbox and what it means for the vehicle. Oh, we're also going to compare it with the other Batmobiles because, well, we don't really have anything better to do. It's time to build our way through the Rocket League ranks in Batman's iconic vehicle...

What Hitbox Is The Batmobile 2022?

The Batmobile 2022 features a Dominus Hitbox, giving it tremendous handling that is perfect for last-minute saves and reaching the ball even in the trickiest of situations. Look, all the hitboxes in Rocket League are pretty similar, but the Dominus is the longest. This gives it the best reach for defensive play, capturing the ball, and passing it to your teammates.

Thus, the Batmobile 2022 does lack a little in terms of height. It isn't particularly tall or wide, but that length is an absolute killer. It has reasonable handling both when driving in its standard configuration and when boosting, but does not have as tight a turning radius as when compared to some of its competitors. For a more detailed breakdown of the Dominus Hitbox, here's our complete guide...

How Does The Batmobile 2022 Compare?

Now, whether you like the new Batmobile or not, you do need to admit that it is pretty much exactly the same as the other Batmobiles. It's at least bundled in with some pretty awesome other items, and so that's worth a look if you feel so inclined. Oh, and if you're getting bored of all of this hitbox conversation, here's a completely unrelated video.

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