Rocket League Batmobile Hitbox, Price & Details

The Batmobile is one of the most popular battle cars in Rocket League. What is the Batmobile's Hitbox, and how much does it cost?

Rocket league batmobile hitbox
The Batmobile has returned. | © Psyonix

The Batmobile is returning to Rocket League for the first time in about two years, bringing with it the spectacle and excitement of Batman and his various adversaries. This bad-boy comes in a number of different forms, with some dope decals, but that's not what we're here to talk about: what's the most important thing to know about a car body? Well, the Hitbox of course.

There are about six different hitboxes in Rocket League, each of which have their various benefits and disadvantages. What is the Batmobile's Hitbox in Rocket League, and what does it mean for the car? Well, there's a lot to talk about, with three different Batmobiles, so here's everything you need to know.

What is the Rocket League Batmobile Hitbox?

The '89 Batmobile has a Dominus Hitbox, the Dark Knight Rises Tumbler has an Octane Hitbox, and the 2016 Batmobile features a Plank Hitbox. Let's start with the '89 Batmobile. The Dominus Hitbox features the longest car body in the game, and is possibly the best balanced hitbox in the game. In essence, the '89 Batmobile would probably be the best Batmobile for Rocket League Beginners.

The Octane Hitbox of the Dark Knight Rises Tumbler is far shorter than the Dominus, but is the highest hitbox in the game. Thus, you can expect heightened ball control due to a higher surface area on the sides and front of the car. Finally, the 2016 Batmobile's Plank Hitbox makes it one of the seven shortest vehicles in Rocket League, but also one of the widest. This is good for players who want to complete more air-acrobatics. Why? Well, because its width makes it easier to hit the ball in the air.

Now that you know the Rocket League Batmobile Hitboxes, you should get more acquainted with what this means for the vehicles themselves. We have detailed hitbox guides for the Octane and the Dominus, and a Plank Hitbox guide is coming soon – so stay tuned for that!

How Much is the Rocket League Batmobile's Price?

As of writing, you can pick up the Batman Halloween Bundle for 2000 RL Credits (approx. $20 USD), which includes all three Batmobile vehicles. They are all available individually for 800 RL Credits (approx. $8 USD). These prices will be available from October 14 to November 1, 2021, as part of the Rocket League Haunted Hallows Event, the game's annual Halloween Event. There are a number of decals and goal explosions also available as part of the Haunted Hallows Event. They are priced at 300 Credits (approx. $3 USD) and 500 Credits (approx. $5 USD) respectively.

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