What is the BMW M240i Hitbox in Rocket League?

The BMW M240i is making the leap into Rocket League. As usual, though, everyone's pressing question is what is the BMW M240i hitbox, and how will that affect the vehicle?

Rocket league bmw m240i hitbox
The new BMW M240i Bundle features a Bavarian Hat Topper. Lovin' those stereotypes! | © Psyonix

With the sleek, new BMW M240i racing its way into Rocket League on January 19, many are asking not just about the vehicle's bundle or the BMW Rocket League Open, but about the Battle Car's hitbox. There are about six different hitboxes in Rocket League, all of which hold their own benefits and disadvantages. Thus, one must be aware of their car's hitbox to maximize their playstyle.

I mean, it's really just common sense. If you want to park your car, you need to know the rough dimensions of the car, right? You can't get a perfect feeling just from sitting within the car, you need to have seen it from the outside as well, or... well... you're gonna scrape the paint job! Luckily for you, we don't just know the BMW M240i hitbox, but we also know how this hitbox will affect your brand-new car. Excited? Let's dive in!

Rocket League's BMW M240i Hitbox

The BMW M240i will feature a Dominus Hitbox in Rocket League. This is one of the most balanced hitboxes in the game, and a fantastic choice for newcomers especially. Second only to the Octane, the Dominus is one of the most popular hitboxes in the game, and for good reason. Due to its length, the Dominus is ideal for not just goal saves (that little bit of extra reach can be critical), but also for things like air dribbling, flip resets, and flicks.

Generally, the Dominus is perfect for newcomers and veterans alike. Why? Well, look, we won't go into too much detail here, but you should check out our Dominus Hitbox guide for a more detailed analysis. What are the exact dimensions of the Dominus Hitbox? What does the Dominus excel at, and thus, what should you be attempting with the BMW M240i? Check out our hitbox guide to find that out...

Now, don't forget: the BMW M240i joins Rocket League on January 19, and will remain until January 26. The bundle itself costs 1100 Credits and features six items if you include the BMW M240i Battle Car. Now that we know that the BMW M240i will feature a Dominus Hitbox, we can certainly recommend that you should check it out if you're a BMW fanboy. For full details, check out our breakdown of the bundle and the upcoming BMW-sponsored competitions: