Halo Infinite Is Deader Than Dead: Campaign Co-Op Canceled

343 Industries announced the cancelation of Halo Infinite's much-awaited split screen campaign co-op, dealing a heavy blow to fans of the game.

Halo infinite update
Halo Infinite's campaign co-op is not coming out as promised. | © 343 Industries

Sweet Mary and Jesus, Halo Infinite is really having a tough time. The game launched in a rough state and unfortunately, 343 Industries has been very slow in adding new content to the game (don't let your anger out on the poor, mismanaged developers please). One of the biggest missing pieces from launch was campaign co-op, an absolute staple of the series. It was promised to be added to the game later down the line, which was delayed multiple times. Now, around the time it is supposed to come to Halo Infinite, fans had to deal with a huge shock.

Halo Infinite Won't Get Split Screen Co-Op After All

343 Industries has announced a new roadmap, including the game's biggest update yet coming in November. And that looks great and promising. But within that announcement, two pieces of sad news have been revealed: Season 3 of Halo Infinite has been pushed back to March and campaign split screen co-op has been canceled.

The game will still get online co-op (around a year after release), but split screen co-op has been completely canceled. While some of the new content, like new maps, weapons and modes, look cool, this is a big blow to the game.

The game has already struggled to keep players, now it will surely have pissed off even more players. The last hopes are the amazing looking Forge and the battle royale mode code named Tatanka. Let's hope we won't have to wait too long for those.