GTA 6: Hints & Theories Are Getting People Hyped For Possible Reveal

Something is brewing within the GTA community, as voices are getting louder about a possible GTA 6 announcement coming soon.

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Is a GTA 6 reveal coming soon? Here's why some people think so. | © Rockstar

The GTA 6 release is still a long time away, but people have already been crazy hyped for years. Recently though, things have been a bit different. The excitement is reaching a new peak, as more and more claims of a possible GTA 6 reveal coming soon are popping up. What's going on there? Let's check it out.

GTA 6 Reveal Coming Soon – Or Is It?

There's kind of a lot going on in the GTA community right now. Bottom line is: people are expecting a GTA 6 reveal soon. And there are multiple reasons for it. We already covered one part of the latest GTA 6 rumors, but there's even more. For one, there's a lot of stuff about UFOs. They are obviously a staple of GTA 5 and GTA Online, and the latter is currently hosting a UFO-themed event.

This is supposed to be connected to a possible GTA 6 trailer coming on Friday, October 21. On that day, a special kind of "Stealth UFO" is supposed to appear in-game and tease towards GTA 6 in some way.

Another possible hint that had people riled up came from none other than Sony. First, some context. In case you didn't know, GTA: Vice City will have its 20th anniversary on October 29, and fans think that Rockstar might take this date as an opportunity to show of GTA 6 (which will also be set in the fictional version of Miami).

GTA 6 hasn't been shown yet, but we already know a bunch of stuff about the game. Check it out here:

Recently, the official Sony TikTok account has referenced the anniversary as well. This was obviously enough to get the community riled up and fired up speculation. We have to emphasize, that all of this is exactly that: speculation. Some of this "evidence" is... questionable, let's say. But people are seeing hints everywhere and I'll admit that the Vice City anniversary would be a nice occasion to drop something. Still... don't get too excited just yet.

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