GTA 6: Insider Predicts Reveal Coming Soon

After some insane leaks, the fear of the GTA 6 release getting pushed back eons was real. But now leakers suggest we could get a full reveal of the game soon.

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GTA 6 is probably one of the most anticipated games and with the amount of leaks and information floating around it's hard to tell what is real and what is not. Well, one source says that soon, we could be getting an official reveal of the game.

Insider Believes A Reveal Will Come Soon

In a post on the GTAForums, insider Tez2 speculates that a reveal of Grand Theft Auto 6 could come soon and in tandem with the Heist Challenge, a new update to GTA Online. They say that, while this isn't directly related to GTA 6, Rockstar could take the opportunity to reveal more info on GTA Online and GTA 6 in a 'sort of "Community Update"'.

Want to know more about the upcoming GTA 6? We have everything you need to know here in one tight video, check it out:

Sounds strange, I know, but they have done similar things before. Remember that the development of GTA 6 was announced in a similar blog post. So that could happen again, before Rockstar is ready to fully turn on the marketing machine for the game.

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There have been numerous rumors about a potential GTA 6 reveal recently, some of which haven't panned out. But we are curious, especially since Rockstar's parent company Take Two is having an investor call on November 7, so new info on GTA 6 is expected to come out around that time.

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