GTA 6 Story Details Revealed: Orphan Siblings As Protagonists?

A GTA 6 leaker has revealed new details about the game's characters and story. The main characters could be a brother and sister who were separated after their parents were killed.
GTA 6 Story Detail Leak
Finally, a female main character! | © Rockstar

A new rumor about GTA 6 has been making the rounds in the Grand Theft Auto community and if it's true, it means the first story details about the next GTA game have been leaked! According to the rumor, there will be two main characters in GTA 6, who will be a brother and sister duo. According to the leak, they get separated in the game's prologue, set in 2003, after their parents are brutally murdered.

GTA 6 Story Details Leaked

While Rockstar has not officially revealed any details about the setting, characters, or general storyline, there have already been numerous claims from alleged leaks and insiders. At this point, it looks like GTA 6 will take players back to Vice City, where they will be involved in a rather large crime war — possibly spanning across multiple continents. Another big leak claimed that Rockstar will finally bring a female main character to the game. However, it looks like she won't be alone.

The leak comes from Twitter user Matheusbr9895_, who has become a major source for Grand Theft Auto fans as he has hit the mark many times in the past. According to the insider, Rockstar will apparently introduce siblings as main characters for GTA 6.

The idea Rockstar Games proposed was the story of siblings – a man and a woman – who separate after the death of their parents in the 2003 prologue.

Matheus also seemed to dismiss the idea that the game will span across several decades, but rather be an even more modern take on GTA 5. However, he claims that we'll have to wait until 2024 for more info.

Rockstar hasn't revealed any concrete details about the work on GTA 6 yet, but they have officially confirmed that they are working on the game. So we will be in for tons of surprises!

Original Article by Alisa Eiber