Leak: GTA 6 Will Be Set in 1978

A new GTA 6 rumor brings with it a new setting: 1978. Here's what there is to know.
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1978 is basically the same style, right? | © Rockstar

Pinches of salts, y'all. Actually, make that fists full of salt, because this one is in dire need of seasoning: A new leaker claims to know that GTA 6 will be set in 1978. This, of course, is one a trillion GTA setting rumors, but we'll entertain the idea nonetheless. After all, one of these has got to get it right. Right?

GTA 6 Might Be Set in 1978

The rumor comes our way courtesy of the Preacher. Yes, the guy really calls himself that, because we all know how dramatic gamers can get. The Preacher is also known by TheLastFishSupper and gonnaenodaethat, and he's been leaking stuff for a while: Back in December 2021, he leaked that Take Two would acquire Zynga, and... Take Two did acquire Zynga. This, of course, gives the Preacher some inside credibility, and is the main reason we're all ears (and pinches of salt) for this one.

(Warning: Take this with massive Salt) GTA 6 proper announcement on March 25th and will start in 1978? from GamingLeaksAndRumours

So, long story short: The Preacher thinks GTA 6 will be set in 1978, and, to make this one even hotter and insanely time-sensitive: He believes we will get an official announcement on March 25. If you haven't checked your calendars yet, that's today - as of the writing of this article.

You can see why I asked for all those pinches of salt, right? All of this is highly doubtful, but I'll be damned if it isn't simply fun to speculate.