GTA 6: This Could Be the Game's Starting Location

GTA 6 will undoubtedly have a prologue, just like all recent Rockstar game's. Now, we have a first hint at its setting.

Gta 6
Sunset or tundra? It looks like GTA 6 will start with the latter. | © Rockstar

Rockstar is a genius at marketing: They just do nothing, and watch the world consume itself with assumptions and speculation. Seriously, we're going nuts over GTA 6 – what the setting might be, what the release date could be – and Rockstar is just sitting pretty, not spending a dime. Others have to invest tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, but Rockstar just invests their impressive body of work.

One of the latest points of speculation is the game's starting location, or rather its prologue. Rockstar does love itself a good prologue, and now a Reddit user seems to have deducted where GTA 6's prologue could be set.

GTA 6 Prologue Setting

The name is aisarfadzil77, and he posted some pics on the GTA subreddit from GTA 5 and RDR 2, that he suggests are clues. Ready for the big hint? It's the snow. Both GTA 5 and RDR 2 start in snowy settings, and if all good things are 3, GTA 6 might follow suit with a tundra setting of its own.

Both GTA 5 & RDR 2 prologue started in snowy times , maybe Rockstar going to do the same route in GTA 6 ?? from GTA6

Is he reaching? Are we? Maybe, but the speculating is half the fun anyway, since only God - and Rockstar - knows how long we'll be waiting for GTA 6 to drop. Until then, this is all we have, so... snow? Maybe?