Finally: GTA 6 Trailer Coming Next Week

The rumor mill is heating up, as multiple sources claim that we will finally see GTA 6 as soon as next week!

GTA 6 is officially coming, that much has been confirmed by Rockstar already. We're also pretty sure about when the game will actually come out, but when will we finally get to see the first trailer? Sooner than you might think! Multiple insiders and leakers have revealed, that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released next week.

GTA 6 Reveal Date Leaked

A bunch of stuff happened in quick succession, so let me try to keep it short. The first hint towards a GTA 6 reveal came from the influencer and artist Krypto9095, who changed his YouTube header to an image featuring a GTA 6 logo. He also posted a short clip on Twitter featuring the Rockstar logo with the caption "GTA 6 is coming #GTA6".

This obviously got a lot of people very excited, especially that cottage industry of GTA 6 leakers on Twitter and Reddit. We already got a leak recently that claimed we would see the game soon. This seemed to confirm those rumors But this alone wouldn't be worth an entire article, right? No, of course not. I have standards. And what fulfilled those standards was "El Nitro 56", another influencer/artist who chimed in on this.

Mr. Nitro claims to be working on the game in some capacity and he dropped the bombshell: he replied to multiple outlets, leakers and other accounts on Twitter with the short and sweet message "Trailer coming soon".

Now, how legit is this? Hard to say. These guys are influencers, which could mean that they either are actually working on the game somehow (I can see Rockstar do that) or... that they are trolling. But someone like Krypto has almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube, so if this was just a hoax, it would surely harm his reputation. Right?

I don't know, to be honest. But we are hearing more and more about a GTA 6 reveal for next week, so there could be something to this. Neither one of these cool dates said an exact date, but there was speculation that May 16 could be the date for the GTA 6 trailer. That's when publisher Take-Two has their latest earnings call, and Rockstar has revealed infos on their games on these dates before.

We will keep our eyes and ears open, hoping/praying/simping for a GTA 6 trailer next week. Let's hope this one is real, please god...