Puerto Rico Will Be GTA VI's Guarma

We're learning more and more about GTA 6, and while we've known about the Florida setting for a few months, the role of Puerto Rico is becoming clearer.

Guarma puerto rico GHTYA 6
This makes perfect sense with the main game happening in Florida. | © Rockstar

Info on GTA VI trickles out day by day. The vast majority of it turns out to be nonsense, but among the way a few leaks have begun to corroborate each other. Unfortunately, some of these more convincing rumors sound like bad news for the franchise, but today we're dealing with an exciting one: the setting. More specifically, the secondary setting of GTA VI. But before you get too excited, please be aware upfront that this game is still years and years away. In all honesty, you should Rockstar's Bully reboot to come out first. Anyway, that's enough nattering from us, let's get to GTA!

Where will GTA VI be set?

GTA VI will be set in Florida, specifically Miami, like GTA: Vice City. Some recent rumors have suggested that it might even go back to the time period of Vice City, but this is not correct. It's going to be a modern setting.

The first evidence that the game would be set in Miami was from a 4chan leak. At the time, we all rolled our eyes at the idea of a 4chan leak being correct, but it turned out later to actually be legit. We know this because it was corroborated by industry insiders at a later date. You can read all about that here. Oh yeah, and then a Rockstar employee gave the game away by accident via their Instagram story.

What role will Puerto Rico play in GTA VI?

The game will predominantly be set in Florida, but that same 4chan leak that proved to be correct, also stated that Puerto Rico would act as a second location, basically GTA VI's Guarma. If you haven't played Red Dead 2 and that doesn't make any sense, Guarma was a second map that you went to as a part of the main campaign. It was a beautiful, open-world space, and it served as an add-on to the main open-world. According to the leak, the characters will go to Puerto Rico as part of a cocaine smuggling operation. Given that the game is set in Miami this makes perfect sense as a storyline.

Is there a map of GTA VI yet?

Yes...well, this is the map the GTA hardcore believe to be the correct GTA VI map, including the playable area of Puerto Rico in the bottom right. What do you think? Feast your eyes on this beauty:

Leaked GTA map
The bottom right island is Puerto Rico! | © u/ColonelPuffin

We love keeping you guys up to date on all the latest GTA leaks, and if you're looking for more, check out what we've heard about the release date.