The Best MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadout | A Great Flex Weapon

This is the best FSS Hurricane Loadout in Modern Warfare 2! We've been trying to answer that all-important question: what's the meta? And we think we've found the best flex weapon in the game, and maybe the best choice for aggressive players full-stop: the FSS Hurricane.

FSS Hurricane PNG
FSS Hurricane loadout | © EarlyGame

Modern Warfare 2's beta has begun, and as we discuss in our review of MW2, the long sprint-out times, combined with no slide-cancelling make for a slow-paced game. Hence, this is a Call of Duty game for AR players, not SMG players; there are tons of head glitches to post-up at, and you'll be rewarded for pre-aiming. But what class should you use if you still want to play aggressively?

In our M4 loadout guide we suggested that you could run the MP5 via Overkill, to allow you to get into close-range gunfights while also having an AR to chall people at range. But then we though, it might even be better to just scrap the SMG and run a flex-weapon if you want to play aggressively. And it just so happens that MW2 has a fantastic flex weapon that tons of pros have been using (Scump & Simp have both been streaming with almost this exact setup). It's called the FSS Hurricane, and it sits perfectly in between an AR and an SMG if you build it correctly. Let's go through the best attachments for this weapon, and how to unlock them.

FSS Hurricane Attachment Setup

FSS Hurricane
The best FSS Hurricane Flex-setup. | © EarlyGame/Activision
Attachment Slot

Attachment Name

Unlock Level
MuzzleXTEN Razor CompensatorM4 Level 13 → FTAC Recon Level 16 → FSS Hurricane Level 5
BarrelFSS Cannonade 16" BarrelM4 Level 13 → FTAC Recon Level 16 → FSS Hurricane Level 7
StockDemo Fade Pro StockM4 Level 19
Rear Grip

Sakin ZX Grip

M4 Level 8
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple Vert GripM4 Level 18 → Icarus Level 14

The FSS Hurricane has fantastic movement and strafe speed, while also having a solid TTK and very low recoil (especially for a game with such high recoil in general), and so it makes the perfect flex weapon. The weapon has good handling and mobility naturally, so we'll use the attachments to get as much recoil control as we can without sacrificing too much. We went with the iron sights because most users are fine with them on the M4, especially for more aggressive play, but if you prefer an optic then we would advise the red-dot.

Note: This is a non-Overkill loadout, and so alongside the FSS Hurricane you'll need to take a secondary weapon. This is entirely your choice, but we're enjoying the X13 blueprint you unlock at Beta level 15.

MW2 FSS Hurricane Loadout: Best Perks & Equipment

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

Best MW2 Loadout Class FSS Hurricane Perks
We actually quite like the new perk-system. | © Activision

Here's our favorite perk choice for a flex class like this:

Base Perks

Battle Hardened, E.O.D.

Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate Perk


Battle Hardened and E.O.D. will allow you to get into close-range fights with less fear of being stunned or naded, while Hardline will reward you for the slaying (although in SnD we advise changing this perk to last stand). And while we don't have a secondary weapon to switch to constantly, we still think Fast Hands is the best Bonus perk for the faster reload time.

You can find a complete list of every perk in MW2 here, in case you want to see what else is on offer.

Equipment (Lethals, Tacticals & Field Upgrade)

Here are our favorite grenades and one of the best Field Upgrades:

LethalDrill Charge
Field UpgradesPortable UAV

The Drill Charge doesn't need to be used through walls, when it's thrown at the ground it does surface damage like a normal grenade would, except it does a huge amount of damage. This is probably to encourage players to use the new grenade, but whatever the reason, we can strongly recommend it. Stuns are always useful and probably the best Tactical choice for aggressive play, but you can swap this to your personal favorite.

In terms of Field Upgrades we've found the Portable UAV to be fantastically useful for obvious reasons, and it recharges very quickly. But Dead Silence is also a solid option here, especially for SnD.

We hope you'll enjoy the FSS Hurricane, it's one of the best weapons in the game. But if you want to see which other weapons are available in Modern Warfare 2, we have a complete tier list of weapons here.

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