The Best MW2 LM-S Loadout | A Decent Light Sniper

The LM-S is one of the marksman rifles in MW2, although in previous games it would have been classified as a sniper. Think of it like the Dragunov, but much better. Here's the best attachment setup for the LM-S, and a loadout to use it with.

Don't worry, it's not as bad as the Dragunov. | © Activision

We're going to be completely up-front with you here: the LM-S is decent, but the Signal 50 is so broken that if you want to snipe you should just use that weapon instead. The LM-S isn't bad per se, but it will almost always take multiple shots to kill someone, unlike the Signal 50, and it's not fast enough to make up for that. You can think of it as MW2's semi-auto, "light sniper", like the Dragunov, although it as at least better than that heap of trash was. Still interested in using it? Then you can find the best attachment setup below.

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MW2: LM-S Attachment Setup

LMS Attachments
You're going to need to land follow-up shots to kill, unfortunately. | © Activision / EarlyGame
Attachment Slot

Attachment Name

Unlock Level
MuzzlePolarfire SuppressorLachmann 762 Level 5
OpticSchlager 4xLachmann 762 Level 13 → Lachman .556 Level 16 → RAPP H Level 11

RAPP-762 Factory

Lachmann 762 Level 13 → Lachman .556 Level 3
Rear Grip

Lachmann TCG-10

Lachmann 762 Level 10
UnderbarrelVX Pineapple Vert GripM4 Level 18 → Icarus Level 14

The LM-S is obviously based on the PSG1 and so presumably it's chambered in 7.62 x 51, but because of CoD logic it's going to take multiple shots to kill. So unfortunately, we can't just choose all the attachments we need for a better ADS speed as we normally do with sniper rifles, instead we need to choose the best attachments for recoil control to be able to reliably land follow-up shots. It's infuriating, to be sure, but it's the most effective way to use the LM-S. Hence, we've gone for the heavier stocks and grips. And we've chosen the Schlager 4x because it's just so damn clean, but if you prefer a similar 3-4x optic then go for it.

LM-S Icarus Loadout: Best Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: Lachmann Sub (MP5)

Lachmann SUB
Think of this as your aggressive option. | © Activision / EarlyGame

This is a sniper rifle loadout, and so obviously we'll be taking Overkill with an SMG for when we're getting pushed. And the best SMG for the job is surely the MP5 (called the Lachmann Sub in this game). It's not as dominant as previous iterations of the MP5 we've seen in Call of Duty, but it can go toe-to-toe with anything in MW2.

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Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

Here's our favorite perk choice for a weapon like this:

Base Perks

Battle Hardened, Overkill

Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate Perk


We've explained above why need Overkill, but why Battle Hardened? Put simply: everyone and their mum are spamming stuns. As for a bonus perk, Fast Hands is the obvious option here to allow for faster weapon swap. And to round us out we've gone for Ghost, so that once you've found a good spot to snipe from you don't have to move on as soon as someone pops a UAV.

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Equipment (Lethals, Tacticals & Field Upgrade)

Here are our favorite grenades and one of the best Field Upgrades:

TacticalSnapshot Grenade
Field UpgradeTactical Insertion

Yep, we've gone for the classic Tactical Insertion, ever the favorite of snipers. You can drop this once you've found a position with some good height, so that even if someone returns fire and gets us, we can respawn and return fire from the same spot. As for the Snapshot Grenade this goes back to what we said previously about the LM-S typically requiring two rounds on target. Once you hit them, they'll probably dive for some cover, but with Snapshot we can continue tracking them. And last but not least, the Claymore will help against any pesky flankers that try to get the drop on us.

We hope you'll enjoy the LM-S. But if you want to see which other weapons are available in Modern Warfare 2, we have a complete list of weapons here.

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