How To Play MWII Before Anyone Else

Activision has just announced the MWII campaign Early Access. We explain how you can play the campaign of Modern Warfare 2 before the official release.

MWII Price campaign
Modern Warfare 2 wouldn't be the same without Price. | © Activision

Everyone is eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare 2. Vanguard was unfortunately not the best CoD and hopes in the community are high that MWII will finally be a great Call of Duty again. As usual, we have already received a bunch of info and leaks about the upcoming game, which we have collected for you here:

Today, however, we're talking about a piece of news that every gamer should be happy about. I mean, who doesn't like to play before the official release?

MWII Campaign Early Access

Might sound strange, but yes, we can play the campaign way earlier this time. Modern Warfare 2 is officially released on October 28, but the campaign Early Access starts on October 20. So if you never played the Call of Duty campaign before because you were afraid of losing valuable time to grind multiplayer, you can now comfortably take a week to play the MWII campaign before the multiplayer is even available.

How To Play MWII Campaign Early

As usual for Early Access, you just have to pre-order Modern Warfare 2 digitally, no matter on which platform, to get Early Access to the campaign. Just follow this link and choose your preferred platform.

Depending on the edition, you will also receive some cosmetics and early access to the multiplayer beta, which starts in mid-September. To make your pre-order decision easier, we have of course already prepared an article for you in which all MWII editions are broken down:

Will you pre-order Modern Warfare 2 to start the campaign right away? Or will you wait until the game and the first reviews are released?