The Best Warzone 2.0 Minibak Loadout | Huge-Mag, Super-Fast SMG

The Minibak doesn't have the best TTK, it's about average in that department, but in every other way it's outstanding. The Minibak has a huge mag, excellent strafe speeds, and controllable (enough) recoil. Here's the best loadout for the Minibak in Warzone 2.

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Bizon, Bullfrog, or Minibak, you can call it what you want — this is a fantastic SMG, and here's the best loadout for it. | © Activision

The Minibak is probably the most comfortable SMG to use in Warzone. There's no single area where it really suffers; it's got a huge mag, it's quite mobile, the range and damage are about average, and the handling speeds are good. It's just a solid all-rounder, and a classic A-Tier gun. We highly recommend levelling one if you haven't already, because as the meta shifts and the S-Tier SMGs are nerfed, the Minibak will almost certainly become the best SMG in Warzone at some point.

We've detailed the best attachment setup to use with the Mininbak below, as well as our full loadout suggestions, including perks and equipment.

  • The Minibak is probably part of the "hard-meta". For an overview of what other guns are this strong, here are the absolute best weapons in Warzone 2.

The Best Attachment Setup For The Minibak In Warzone 2

This is our favourite attachment setup for the Minibak. | © Activision


Unlock Requirements
Attachment Tuning
MuzzleBruen PendulumPDSW 528 to Level 29Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.60 oz) / Gun Kick Control (+0.26 in)


Bak-9 279mm BarrelKastov 762 to Level 10 → Kastov 545 to Level 13 → Kastov-74u to Level 15 → Vaznev-9K to Level 14 → Minibak to Level 5Aim Walking Speed (-0.40 lb) / Damage Range (+0.25 in)


EBR-14 to Level 10Default

Markeev R7 Stock

Kastov 762 to Level 10 → Kastov 545 to Level 13 → Kastov-74u to Level 15 → Vaznev-9K to Level 14 → Minibak to Level 9

Aim Down Sight Speed (-2.70 oz) / Aim Walking Speed (-1.60 in)

Rear GripTrue-Tac GripKastov 762 to Level 10 → Kastov 545 to Level 13 → Kastov-74u to Level 15 → Vaznev-9K to Level 10Aim Down Sight (-0.70 oz) / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.30 in)

With the barrel we're increasing our damage range slightly, and with the muzzle attachment we're getting a bit more recoil control, but everything else is focused on maintaining high ADS speeds, and high strafe speeds. We haven't tuned to max because you get the full benefits of a given attachment by tuning to about 80% instead.

Some players just hate running lasers, and if that's you then remove the laser and throw a 1x optic on instead. The Slimline Pro is our current favorite 1x optic, but there are dozens of good options for you to use.

  • You'll need to grind some weapons for these attachments, and the first way to level weapons for Warzone 2 is (predictably) by picking up a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

The Best Loadout For The Minibak: Secondary, Perks & Equipment

Secondary: RPK

This is our long-range build of the RPK, and it's been frying. | © Activision

The long-range meta is wide open right now, simply because we don't have the kind of ARs from Warzone 1 that could beam people at 60 or even 70 m. The LMGs seem to be filling in this role quite nicely, and of all the LMGs the RPK is definitely our favorite, with a great balance between damage output and general handling.

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

You might be thinking "don't you need Overkill?" but you can just buy the RPK at the buy-station separately, and then you can take this Perk Package for the Minibak and Ghost. This is the Specter Perk Package.

Perk Package Specter Package

Base Perk

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkSpotter
Ultimate Perk


Ghost is pretty amazing right now because this is the classic version of the Ghost perk that even works when you're not moving. We think it's worth taking from the loadout each time, even if it means you have to pick a premade Perk Package. But of the two Perk Packages with Ghost, we're quite sure this is the best because you get Double Time and Tracker, even if Spotter is trash.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

This is our favorite set of equipment to use with the Minibak:

LethalDrill Charge

Flash Grenade

If you haven't bothered trying Drill Charges yet, do yourself a favor. These things are super fun, great against campers, and even effective against vehicles. Plus, your operator throws them at much greater velocity than any other piece of lethal equipment, so you can even aim for fast-moving targets.

Alongside the Drill Charge we suggest Flash Grenades, which feel completely broken right now. But Stims are always a good tactical for regening mid-fight, and for gas plays.

If you want to see where the Minibak sits in our overall ranking of every gun, here's a complete tier list of the weapons in Warzone 2.

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