Modern Warfare 2 XP Farm: How To Level Up Your Weapons Fast

Leveling weapons in Modern Warfare 2 can take quite a while, but with our tips you will level up all guns the fastest.

MW2 Ground War Tank
Let's see how long the weapons XP trick with the tanks will work... | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 is finally out and of course we immediately jumped into the grind. As usual, we have to level up a bunch of weapons to unlock the best attachments.

However, thanks to the new Gunsmith System in MW2, certain weapons are only unlocked by leveling up other weapons. So this time we have to level up weapons that we don't actually want to play, because they might unlock another weapon that we would like to have.

To help you level up all the weapons as fast as possible, here's a nice little trick that you should use as long as it hasn't been patched yet.

Fastest Weapon XP Farm In Modern Warfare 2

Currently, there is a glitch in Modern Warfare 2 that lets you farm a bunch of weapon XP extremely fast in "Ground War Invasion" mode, thus leveling up your weapons in no time. Just follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you have a loadout with the Suppression Mine field upgrade and the Overclock perk. If you haven't unlocked the perk yet, you can simply use the pre-made "Hunter" perk package.
  • Start a match of Ground War Invasion
  • Play the first half of the match normally and save the mines for later
    • As soon as the first APCs (the light tanks) spawn, you should have two mines ready thanks to the Overclock perk
  • Jump on top of an enemy tank or try to throw a suppression mine at the tank's tower from a rooftop. The mine must land on the turret or the opening on top of the tank, otherwise it will not stick.
    • Since the mine constantly suppresses the enemy tank/driver, you will now get continuous weapons XP for your currently equipped weapon.

Just watch it in action:

how to farm weapon xp fast from ModernWarfareII

Basically, you just choose a weapon that you want to level up quickly, place the Suppression Mine on the tank, and then just try to stay alive. You can then comfortably watch the weapon level up, as seen in the video above.

Since this trick was probably not planned by Infinity Ward, it should be fixed very soon. So if you have to level up an annoying sniper or finally want to unlock all assault rifles, you should quickly play some Invasion...

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