The Best Warzone Volkssturmgewehr Loadout | The Most Versatile Weapon

The Volk is an incredibly mobile AR, and it's gaining popularity in Warzone as a kind of SMG. Here's the attachment setup for the Volk, and a full loadout to use it with.

Volkssturmgewehr PNG
The Volkssturmgewehr is super versatile. | © Activision

The Volk was a great sniper support option, for the last several weeks. It had great range, low recoil and an insane strafe speed, which is why it was considered the best sniper support option. Recently, with Season 4: Reloaded, the weapon got some nice buffs, and now, it's even more versatile. After the buffs, this has become one of the best mid-long range ARs and close range ARs. We're gonna give you both builds, so give them both a try.

In this guide, we'll go through the Volk SMG, and long-range build and then suggest some good perks and equipment to use with the weapon.

The Best Volk Attachment Setup

Long Range Build

Volkssturmgewehr 2
This thing is amazing. | © Activision/ EarlyGame
MuzzleMX Silcencer
BarrelKrausnick 428mm 05V
OpticG16 2.5x
StockKrausnick S12V PS

M1941 Handstop


7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags

Rear GripGrooved Grip


Perk 2Fully Loaded

This build is really good for on Fortune's Keep and Rebirth Island. I wouldn't really use this on Caldera, since you want a gun that can beam people out to 200+ m, which this gun is not capable of doing. Having said that, everything in the 40-100 m range, is ideal for this gun, and trust me, it's insane. The recoil is super easy to control, and it has an insane TTK, and great mobility. This build is basically the slower firing and easier to control version of the long range AS44.

Best SMG Build

Volkssturmgewehr 1
Surprisingly, very competitive. | © Activision
MuzzleRecoil Booster
BarrelKrausnick 428mm 05V
OpticG16 2.5x
StockReisdorf 22V Ajustable

Mark IV Skeletal


7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags

AmmunitionHollow Point
Rear GripTaped Grip


Perk 2Fully Loaded

If you're more of a Caldera player, or just want to stick to other long range options, then this build is the perfect close range option. The absolute meta SMG is the Marco 5, and while this gun doesn't beat it's TTK up close, and can't quite keep up with the mobility, it is a lot closer than you think.

The Volkssturmgewehr has a worse TTK within 10 meters, but after that, this gun has a better TTK. And within those 10 meters, this gun only kills 20 ms slower, so basically a negligible amount. Anyone remember the FFAR? Well, this is just like the FFAR back in the day, and apart from the Marco or Type 100, this gun will beat every other SMG, and it's a lot easier to use.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A Volk Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The Volk

Normally, you'd find a great secondary option for your loadout here, but since we gave you a long range and an SMG build, your secondary will strongly depend on what variant you want to play. For the long range version, we recommend the Marco 5 or Type 100, depending on if you're playing solo/ duos or trios/ squads.

As I previously mentioned, the Marco 5 is still the absolute best SMG. It has a great TTK, large mag size, but mostly, it has insane mobility. As for the Type 100. It has the best TTK out of any close range gun, but it's limited to its small mag size, so we recommend only using it in solos/ duos.

Now to the SMG build of the Volk. As is with every SMG, any long range AR will do the job. If you plan on using this on Caldera, then the current best long range option will be the KG M40. This AR has absolutely zero recoil, and it will easily beam people 200+ m away, making it the best long range option on Caldera. As for the smaller maps – if only you could run the same gun twice in one loadout, 'cause the SMG variant paired with the long range on would make an absolutely insane loadout for Fortune's Keep. There are a ton of great options from the M13 and Kilo to the Cooper Carbine. Just go with whatever feels the best, all of them are great options.

The Best Equipment For The Volk

LethalThrowing Knives


This is just my go-to equipment choice. You can change the tactical based on your play style, but this is what works best for me. Throwing Knife to finish kills and Stims to either push enemies or run away.

The Best Perks For The Volk

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3


This is a basic set up from back in the day. Tier 1 is basically up in arms after the Serpentine nerfs, but I recommend using Cold Blooded on Caldera, so you can counter Combat Scout. Speaking of which, you might as well use Combat Scout yourself on Caldera. Overkill, so we can use two primaries, should be self-explanatory.

That was your complete overview of the Volk in Warzone. Hopefully, you found it helpful. But if you find the Volk isn't quite doing it for you, maybe give the current meta AR a go?