How to get better at Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a game that’s easy to get into but proves to be hard to master.

While there might be certain patterns you can follow the gameplay still remains very dynamic and can vary greatly from match to match. Today we’ll look at some of the most useful tips you can use to increase your effectiveness in Apex.

Train your aim

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The first and most basic thing about shooters which is often neglected. Apex is definitely a shooter first and the better you get at shooting things, the more success you’ll have. A lot of people just assume their aim is ok and do nothing to improve it. Take your time to understand how weapon shooting patterns differentiate from one another and learn their respective effective range. Sure the Wingman used to be like a portable pistol/sniper at the game’s launch but that quickly changed. Training mode is always there but you can just focus on playing with a certain weapon for a certain amount of games and get a good feel of how it works.

Know the map

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For the first two seasons players enjoyed Kings Canyon and the launch of Season 3 moved things over to World’s Edge. The start of Season 4 might bring yet another brand-new terrain for us to explore, but in every case you should know your way around the map.

Having a good idea of when you’re in cover, the locations of nearby vantage points or the tier of loot nearby is all valuable information which could benefit both you and your team. In case we get a new map for the game’s anniversary in early February everyone will be starting on the same level knowledge-wise.

Pressure your opponent

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Whenever engaging an enemy be ready to go for the kill once you have the upper hand. Hearing an opponent’s shields crack is usually a good sign that you should keep chasing and finish the job. The moment you hesitate is the moment your opponent has time to recharge and recover from a bad situation. Once you lose the element of surprise you generally don’t want to go into a fight, simply because it’ll be fair, and you should never walk into a fair fight.

Communicate with your teammates

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Just like many other online games, communication with your team in Apex Legends is crucial. Whether you’ll be doing that through voice, chat or pings is entirely up to you. Playing with random people each game is probably a bad idea, since some of them might not want to communicate or speak your language so it’s often much better to play with friends. Form a group and try to always play together, this will not only make you more confident in your own abilities, but you’ll also have someone you can trust.

Speed things up

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This might seem like the odd one out of this list, but it actually makes a lot of sense. As your experience in the game grows, you’ll naturally become more efficient. Consciously trying to be quicker will most likely have a positive effect too. If you look at some of the top player in the game, they usually spend less time going through loot, take much shorter routes and in general make faster decisions. A couple of seconds might be the difference between killing an opponent or getting killed.

Now you have the basic knowledge to boost your performance in Apex. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and tutorials, on EarlyGame.