The Best Squad Compositions in Apex Legends

Apex legends
The poster is a bit outdated as the number of legends has increased even further in 2020. (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends has been around for almost two years and in that time players had the time to experiment with various team compositions. Here are some of the best.

Individual skill in Apex Legends remains one of the most important factors but team composition also plays a huge role. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best squad combinations. Without further ado let’s dig into it.

Bloodhound take over event
Did you know that Bloodhound is gender neutral and got voiced by a woman? (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)


The main gimmick of this squad is blocking enemy vision and isolating an area. Bangalore and Caustic can drop smoke and gas respectively both of which limit enemy vision. On the other hand, Bangalore has vision in the smoke, Caustic can see in his gas and Bloodhound can see anyone with his ultimate.


This crew is the one you’ll hate facing the most. They might have trouble making it to the late game but if they do it’s “camping city”. Each of the legends has more than enough tools to make a small area almost impenetrable. Combining all three is just a disaster and the only way to get through it might be Crypto. Needless to say, he’s still not that popular.

Apex legends wraith
Almost two years later Wraith is stil everyone's favorite legend. (Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment)


This team is the exact opposite of the previous one as it relies on high mobility and rushing down foes. Wraith can transport the whole team with a portal, Octane provides jump pads to traverse obstacles, and Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook allows him to get to the high ground at any points.


You could argue that Lifeline is one of the best legends in the game right now. Her presence in the squad ensures you’ll safely bring back an ally from the brink of death. Lifeline’s ultimate is quite useful but attracts a lot of attention from enemies. To cover for that you can use Gibby’s shield. Alternatively, you can call down a package using it as bait and then raining down hell with Gibraltar or Bangalore’s ult, or both?

Crypto apex
Crypto was never that popular to begin with but he's doing better lately. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment


Another very mobile squad composition that unlike the previous one has a lot of utility as well. Crypto can penetrate the campers with his E.M.P., Mirage can bait enemies and Bloodhound is there to give you vision and intel. What’s not to like?


This squad works together well thanks to the great synergy. Combine Octane’s jump pads with Horizon’s Gravity Lift to jump much higher. While being high above you can also drop a Black Hole and surprise unsuspecting enemies. Revenant adds a finishing touch with his Silence. Feel free to use Death Totem before hopping on the launch pad.

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