Battlefield 2042 - Battle Pass | News, Leaks & Updates

Battlefield 2042, like almost every multiplayer game, has a Battle Pass. We're going to explain how this works, what it costs, and what you get in return for buying it. Enjoy!

Battlefield 2042 battle pass
Mackay in action. | © EA

Battlefield 2042 is a live-service game. In other words, post-launch, we can expect a regular flow of new content and constant support from the devs. That also means the game has a Battle Pass, and in this article, we're going to go through how it works, what it costs, and what rewards you'll get for buying it.

The Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass

How Much Does The Battle Pass Cost?

The Battle Pass will cost $10, as it does in almost every other game that features a Battle Pass. You can alternatively buy a year's pass for $40, and you will get the new Battle Pass as it comes out each season in the first year. There are 4 seasons in a year, so you don't actually save any money by getting the year pass. If you bought the Gold or Ultimate edition of Battlefield 2042, then you already have the year pass.

When Will The Battle Pass Be Released?

The first Battle Pass will be released in early 2022. EA has confirmed as much in multiple blog posts, but none of the leakers have been able to give us an exact date so far. They still have a ton of issues to fix, so don't expect it to come out in early January. Although, this game is going to start dying real quick if they can't get more content out soon.

How Will The Battle Pass Work?

If you don't know much about Battle Pass's, allow us to explain:

  • Battlefield's post-release content will come to us in “Seasons”. These last three months, and a new one begins as soon as one finishes.
  • Each season, the players will get access to free content like maps and weapons, but you can choose to get more each season by buying the Battle Pass.
  • The Battle Pass levels up as you play more (think of it just like levelling your character), and you can go from level 1 to 100 in the Battle Pass each Season.
  • At each level of the Battle Pass, you will get a reward — maybe a new skin for your gun, or a Specialist outfit. Traditionally, there's a super reward at level 100.

So you see, the Battle Pass isn't necessary to buy, but it just makes levelling up and grinding more rewarding.

How Much Content Will You Get From The Battle Pass?

You will get 100 levels and therefore, 100 rewards from the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass. The rewards will be cosmetics and will include gun skins, Specialist skins, and new designs for your vehicles. But besides what's included in the Battle Pass, we also know that this much content is coming for free each season:

Quite a decent offering, but creating that many maps will be a challenge for the team given how large BF2042 maps are.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass, until then, good luck with the grind!