Battlefield 2042: Tips & Tricks

Looking for tips and tricks to get ahead in Battlefield 2042? We've got a little something for beginners and vets alike. Here are the best tips for gameplay, Conquest, Rush, breakthrough, and Hazard Zone.
Battlefield BR
What do you need to know in BF2042? | © EA

Battlefield feels quite different to most modern shooters; it's a lot slower, and it relies more on committing to certain gameplay styles. You really have to learn to be a good pilot. For instance, you don't just hop in a chopper like you might in Warzone. It's a weird game to get used to, and so we've put together the tips and tricks that will most effectively help you improve.

Before we get into the specific tips for gameplay, let's start with something absolutely fundamental. Choose the right weapons and the right Specialist:

Right, with that being sorted, let's get into it. We've broken the guide down into general gameplay tips, and tips that will help you play the various Battlefield game modes.

BF2042 Tips & Tricks: Gameplay

1. Slow down.

If you're coming from another shooter like Valorant or CoD, then your instincts will be to move and act as quickly as possible. But in Battlefield passive, patient play is rewarded far more because the ADS times and general movement is slower. You will never be able to move fast enough to break cameras, and the TTK will be too slow to reward you even if you can. So camp up, move slowly, and allow the enemy to run into your sight rather than the other way round.

2. Increase your FOV.

Battlefield is 80 FOV by default but even on console, you can increase your field-of-view to 100. Greater field-of-view means better peripheral vision and therefore better situational awareness. It's that simple.

3. Learn to Spawn Trap.

The spawn logic in Battlefield is quite poor. If you can flank around and set yourself up near one of the enemy spawn locations, you can lock them in very easily with an LMG. We would advise the LCMG.

BF2042 Tips & Tricks: Conquest

1. Tanks are worse than helicopters.

Helicopters are glamorous and fun, and in some modes, they come into their own, but a good tip for Conquest is to always take a tank instead. Tanks are fantastic for area denial and capping objectives, which makes them far better for Conquest.

2. Heal, heal, heal.

Conquest isn't just King of the Hill, the scoreboard is also dictated by how many lives your team has lost. If you aren't on form with your shooting in a certain game, then one of the best ways to assist your team is to play a medic. Set yourself up near one of the more fiercely contested objectives and keep getting your allies picked back up.

3. Rush forward when the game begins.

In Conquest, your team can spawn on captured points, so getting in a vehicle and getting the furthest up-front objective in the early game allows your team to keep the frontline well reinforced. It's simple, but we see a lot of people walk their way in and capture the home base objective first for a few measly XP when they could have done something useful.

BF2042 Tips & Tricks: Breakthrough

1. Use fences to camp.

This is a little easy cheesy, but it does help. Breakthrough will see your teams pushed onto very hot choke points quite regularly, and the best way to hold these down and deny the enemy, is using Kimble Graves' gadget, the “Fortification System”, to set up a fence.

2. Attack sectors as quickly as possible.

There will be certain moments in Breakthrough when your team have made enough kills on attack to really create a weakening at certain defensive positions. More than any other mode, you have to absolutely use these opportunities and push up on sectors with whatever weapon you've got. PTFO.

3. Helicopters are key to attack.

Unlike Conquest, we actually suggest using Helicopters in Breakthrough because they have greater total fragging power, and that's more essential to opening up sectors in Breakthrough than in Conquest where teams are more spread out.

BF2042 Tips & Tricks: Rush

1. Use Insertion Beacons.

Again, this is a little cheesy, but Insertion Beacons can be used to cut out that time you might otherwise need to run up in and defend the plant from the spawn point. It's called Rush for a reason.

2. Smoke Grenades are key.

Planting is very dangerous and even with supporting players around, you'll be the one that gets targeted, so make it harder for them and bring smokes. None of the other throwables comer close in this regard.

3. Transport vehicles are best.

Unlike in other modes where you're looking to deny area control or make kills, in Rush, having infantry upfront to actually do the planting and defending, is more important. So take a transport vehicle and quickly get as many guys up to the front lines as you can.

BF2042 Tips & Tricks: Hazard Zone

1. Find a team.

Easier said than done, right? But to win Hazard Zone, this is absolutely the best tip we can give. Check out our Discord if you're looking for groups.

2. Co-ordinate loadouts.

Even if you don't have a team, you can see what your random squad is bringing, and can co-ordinate your loadout, so you have all bases covered without overlapping, which is hugely beneficial. As a rule of thumb: you don't need two scanners, you should always have one long-range option, but you don't need more than that. Also, bringing Angel is clutch.

3. Hazard Zone rewards passive play.

We spoke about this as part of general gameplay advice, but we'll double down on it for Hazard Zone. In a mode with limited respawning, just holding back and sticking together can already put you ahead of 80% of the random teams you'll find in Hazard Zone.

Those were some tips and tricks for BF2042, but to really improve your game, you need to practice, squad up with a regular group, and stay informed about the meta.