Battlefield 2042 | Best LCMG Loadout Attachments & Setup

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Now it's time to get into the details: what are the best weapons and what attachment setups do you want? Here's the best loadout for the LCMG.
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One thing we've always loved about Battlefield 2042 has been the new attachment system. Basically, you build a loadout with three attachments in every slot and can swap between each attachment in-game. As cool as this is, though, it does mean loadouts are more complicated, and it also means you'll really fall behind the pack if you don't have well-built loadouts. Luckily, we're here to help, and today we're going through the best loadout for Battlefield 2042's LCMG.

To see how well the LCMG places against other weapons, just check out our complete tier rating of every weapon in Battlefield.

Best Battlefield 2042 LCMG Loadout

Best Attachments for the LCMG

In the table beneath, we've provided the best conventional loadout for each weapon, but we've also provided short and long-ranged focused setups. We advise you to put the "best setup" attachments in the first slot for each weapon so that when you're switching between attachments in-game it's only one flick and not two or three to select the best all-around build.

Best SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightK8 Holo

K8 Holo

Shan 2.5X
AmmunitionStandard Issue / Extended MagClose CombatHigh-Power

Cobra Grip

BCG Light GripCobra Grip
BarrelExtended BarrelShortened BarrelExtended Barrel

The LCMG can be customized to a far greater extent than the other LMG, the PKP, and we really love how much handling can be improved with the short-range build. This makes it genuinely viable in a close-range context, which is rare for an LMG. While the best setup and long-range builds can open the weapon up to the kind of distances that you would think beyond an LMGs capability.

Check out the recoil pattern on this mother:

You can see the effects of these three attachment setups beneath.

Attachment Effects on the LCMG

DefaultBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup


5656 (0)51 (-5)61 (+5)
Accuracy5464 (+10)49 (-5)69 (+15)


63 (+7)48 (-8)68 (+12)


4434 (-10)54 (+10)32 (-12)

We mentioned this previously, but it's worth reiterating - the LCMG can be made very mobile. And this makes it a fantastic LMG to use, not to mention how controllable the base recoil is either. As you can see above, we've actually brought the handling to +50 on in our short-range build, while maintaining almost 50 in accuracy and range. At the same time, the long-range setup can get to almost 70 in those two stats.

This weapon, maybe more than any other, shows just how great the new attachment system can be; if you set these three attachment builds up on your LCMG you'll be able to tackle almost every situation.

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the LCMG

Specialist: Webster Mackay

Webster Mackay was the most popular Specialist in the beta by far, not only is his ability fun to use but his trait is basically a flat buff to all weapons. With Mackay you can move more quickly while aimed-down-sight, an especially useful skill for otherwise sluggish LMG users.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

You might actually need to pull for your secondary weapon more than in other shooters because you start with very little ammo in Battlefield 2042. With this in mind, we need to avoid the M44 (which is a meme rather than a serious choice) and turn our attention to the quicker, more accurate, and larger mag-capacity G57 & MP28. The MP28 is effectively the G57 in a drop-in brace frame, and in-game that translates to less recoil and therefore faster and more accurate follow-up shots. Perfect.

Throwable: Frag

Battlefield's huge map sizes and grand fights don't lend themselves well to any type of grenade. In smaller, tactical firefights - as seen in other games - they can be absolutely clutch, but you will rarely get good use out of them in Battlefield. Especially not the new prox sensor, which needs a serious range buff to be useful... So we've taken frags as a simple alternative; everyone knows how to use them, and on the objective at least they stand a chance of making you a kill.

Gadget: Ammo Box

This choice was quite an obvious one; you're laying down a lot of suppressive fire with the LMG and so you need a lot of ammunition to back it up. If you want a more anti-vehicular build then we would advise the FXM 33 AA Missile

Well, there you have it, folks, the complete rundown of how to build the best attachment setup and loadout for the LCMG.