The Best Weapons In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has dropped with a ton of weapons - but which are the best? Here's a rundown of the two best weapons from every class available in Battlefield 2042.

Best Weapons In Battlefield 2042
Battlefield isn't the best game for SMGs but weapons like the AK-74u certainly have a place. | © EA

Battlefield 2042 - as you all know - is a shooter, and therefore, the most important difference between any two players when they enter into combat is the weapons they're using. So naturally, the first thing we need to ask ourselves is: what are the best Battlefield 2042 weapons?

In this list, we're going to deal with the base multiplayer, not Battlefield Portal. So while games like Battlefield 2: Bad Company had some amazing weapons (as really every Battlefield game has) we're not interested. The only Battlefield game we're looking at is 2042. Here are the best Battlefield 2042 weapons.

The Best Assault Rifles In Battlefield 2042


Battlefield Weapons AC 42
This weapon is ideal for that 70-80m Battlefield sweet spot | © EA

The AC-42 is the final unlock, so you won't be able to play with it immediately, but when you do get it unlocked, we can absolutely advise you to level this puppy. It has a wonderfully versatile array of possible attachments to use, and if you go to our setup guide on the weapon, you can see three separate and distinct builds that result in wildly different stats. It is burst though, so if that just ain't for you try the AR beneath.


Battlefield Weapons M5 A3
This is the closest AR to an SMG and so it fills a pretty unique spot | © EA

This was hugely popular in the beta and it's no different in the full release. The M5A3 can't handle the longer distances that are so common in Battlefield as well as other assault rifles, but you can give it some great mobility. This gives it a unique place in the game; the SMGS are too limited by their range, and the ARs aren't strong enough in close combat, but the M5A3 can bridge that gap. Other, better, weapons might fill this role in DLC quite easily, but for now, the M5A3 sits in a very nice position within the meta.

The Best SMGs In Battlefield 2042


Battlefield Weapons PP 29
Dat mag doe. | © EA

The starting 53 round magazine is an absolute god-send in a game like Battlefield, and it transforms the PP-29 from a great SMG to an absolute meta weapon that can compete even in mid-range firefights. Just having that constant firepower to lay down is so useful in a game like Battlefield with its fairly punishing flinch mechanics and destructible environments.


Battlefield Weapons K30
The Kriss Vector is as beautiful as ever. | © EA

The K30 has the best TTK in Battlefield when you're within 25m of your target. In fact, it's probably the only weapon in the game that truly feels like a "shredder". And we absolutely love it for that. Sure, it's useless beyond a certain range, but if you're taking an SMG we can presume you're pushing objectives, and for that task, there's simply nothing better than the K30.

The Best Sniper Rifles In Battlefield 2042


Battlefield Weapons NTW
You can pop choppers out the sky with this, but those are hard shots to make | © EA

The NTW just brings a bit more oomph than the DXR, and you do feel it. Seriously, this is a heavy-hitting gun, and it's got enough power to be a threat even to vehicles when you take the AP ammunition. A magazine size of three is obviously a weakness here, but it shouldn't be a problem for anti-vehicular play and extreme long-range. Anyhow, if you're going for something with more anti-infantry kill potential, then check out the rifle beneath.


Battlefield Weapons SWS
This is a fantastically fun rifle | © EA

The SWS-10 looks sleek as hell, it sounds great, and it's satisfying to use, what's not to love? What we especially like about this rifle is that it's quite usable from the get-go. You don't need to unlock too many attachments to get it in the position you want, and its base version starts with that great 30 handling stat, which is really what makes it the best anti-infantry choice.

The Best LMG In Battlefield 2042


Battlefield Weapons LCMG
The LCMG is wonderfully easy to control | © EA

We absolutely love the LCMG. It's got everything you want from an LMG but at the same time it's fairly mobile, and it's very easy to control, the lack of recoil actually makes it one of the best weapons in Battlefield 2042 full stop. Being available at level 1, you can begin grinding it immediately, which we're also a fan of. If you want to make the most of this weapon, then make sure you fill your attachment slots out for different scenarios - the LCMG is hugely customizable, so being able to swap between builds in-game will give you unprecedented versatility.

The Best DMRs In Battlefield 2042


Battlefield Weapons S Vk
It's really more of a sniper rifle | © EA

The SVK is in quite a nice place in the meta, that is to say, there's only really one other weapon that can do the aggressive sniping thing, and that's the SWS-10. The SWS-10 is very good, but the SVK has a wider range of attachments thanks to being classed as a marksman rifle.


Battlefield Weapons VCAR
The VCAR is easily one of the most satisfying weapons in the game. | © EA

This is such a great little weapon, it's nice to finally see something as stupid and silly and fun as the VCAR make it into the game. Clearly based on the Kel-Tec Sub-2000, this is basically the semi-auto for people who like to play aggressively. We're not going to sugar-coat it - you need a good trigger finger to make a gun like this work. But if you have such a trigger finger then you can do some nutty things with the VCAR, it feels a lot faster than most weapons and will exponentially reward head and chest shots. Think of this as the high-skill meta.

The Best Utility Weapons In Battlefield 2042

GVT 45-70

Battlefield Weapons GVT

The GVT 45-70 is really more of a marksman rifle, but such are the class distinctions in Battlefield 2042, we've been forced to compare it to the shotguns. It won't be as good as either of the shotguns in close range, but this weapon is one of the most fun to use in the whole game and it's pretty capable when you use it as you would other marksman rifles. The rate of fire is quite a downside, making follow-up shots pretty hard to land, but if you can hit the chest and head you can put people out of action before they get the chance.

12M Auto

Battlefield Weapons 12 M

The 12M does exactly what you want a shotgun to do - it decimates anyone within 15 m, making the 12M the perfect weapon for those brave souls who actually do PTFO. Look we aren't going to lie to you, obviously, the 12M is going to be useless at a certain range, and no it isn't very versatile. But slap on a drum mag, drive to an enemy objective, and you can tear your way through whole squads with this thing. Beautiful.

And there you have it: the best weapons in Battlefield 2042. Enjoy!