Battlefield 2042 | Best 12M Auto Loadout Attachments & Setup

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Now it's time to get into the details: what are the best weapons and what attachment setups do you want? Here's the best loadout for the LCMG.
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This is the full-auto shotgun, and luckily, it packs the punch we wanted it to. The rate of fire isn't crazy, but it's firing 12 gauge shells, so if the rate was any higher it would break your Specialists arm. Anyway, it's every bit as fun as you think, so let's get into the setup guide - what are the attachments you want?

To see how well the 12M Auto places against other weapons, just check out our complete tier rating of every weapon in Battlefield.

Best Battlefield 2042 12M Auto Loadout

Best Attachments for the 12M Auto

The long-range setup can buy you a fantastic range with slugs but make sure you swap back to the short-range build when you push an objective - it absolutely slaps.

Best SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightK8 Holo

K8 Holo

AmmunitionBuckshot Shell / DrumBuckshot Shell / DrumSlug Shell

LS-1 Laser Sight

LS-1 Laser SightLWG Grip
BarrelFactory BarrelShortened BarrelFactory Barrel

The Buckshot drum is the real hero in the best 12M Auto setup - it makes the weapons full-auto firing mode viable. More than viable in fact, it makes it an absolute beast. The Laser Sight is also doing great work by buffing our hip-fire accuracy (crucial to CQC) and should give you some clue as to how best to use this weapon. Although we've included a long-range setup, you really want to focus on getting yourself up close and personal with the enemy, either on objectives or in enemy camp spots, then you can just let the 12M do the talking.

You can see the effects of these three attachment setups beneath.

Attachment Effects on the 12M Auto

DefaultBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup



70 (0)70 (0)70 (0)


51 (+19)46 (+14)32 (0)


39 (+9)34 (+4)53 (+23)



28 (-10)33 (-5)37 (-1)

In all three cases we've sacrificed handling in favor of range and accuracy, but we feel that at any range this is the right tradeoff to make. Shotguns can become effectively useless with too little range or accuracy. But the 12M, despite clearly being intended for close-range carnage, can be pushed to get as much as +23 range with our long-range build, so you should be able to make it into those crucial objectives and camp spots easily enough. Enjoy!

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the 12M Auto

Specialist: Santiago "Dozer" Espinoza

The coolest Specialist? Perhaps. But we chose him with this build because his shield coupled with the 12M auto is going to wreck face when you're inside a building a pushing an objective.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

Okay, the MP28 might not be as fun as the 12M auto, but it's going to get you to the objective alive before you start pounding away with the shotty. And more than the other two sidearms, this can act as your pocket marksman rifle.

Throwable: Frag

This is a high-kill potential build - you ain't wasting your time with smokes or EMPs you're a 12M auto user! So pull the pin and let them have it.

Gadget: Recoilless M5

Why not couple a beastly full-auto shotgun with a bazooka? No but seriously, you're going to be pushing objectives and up against tanks a lot so the M5 makes the most sense.

Well, there you have it, folks, the complete rundown of how to build the best attachment setup and loadout for the 12M Auto.