Battlefield 2042 | Best NTW-50 Loadout Attachments & Setup

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Now it's time to get into the details: what are the best weapons and what attachment setups do you want? Here's the best loadout for the NTW-50.
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The NTW-50 is the daddy of sniper rifles. It can put anything from infantryman to Apache's out of action at ridiculous distances, and for that alone we love it. It's very slow, and it only has 3-round mags, but this comes with the territory when you're dealing with very high-caliber rifles. Anyway, let's get into the best setup for the NTW-50.

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Best Battlefield 2042 NTW-50 Loadout

Best Attachments for the NTW-50

You'll want to use the long-range setup beneath when you've found your camp spot, but on your way there the best all-around and even the short-range setup are going to come in handy.

Best SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightM11 6X

Bravo 3X

AmmunitionAnti-MaterialAnti-MaterialAnti-Material High-Power
UnderbarrelADR BipodADR BipodADR Bipod
BarrelFactory BarrelFactory BarrelFactory Barrel

Why have only the sights changed in these three builds? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten to make the best loadouts for you guys. There's just very little you can change on the NTW-50. It's meant as a very slow, very long-range, anti-material rifle. It's great at that job, so the long-range optic makes the most sense, but this really comes down to your preference.

You can see the effects of these three attachment setups beneath.

Attachment Effects on the NTW-50

DefaultBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup


9595 (0)95 (0)95 (0)
Accuracy6767 (0)67 (0)67 (0)
Range6975 (+6)66 (-3)77 (+8)


2014 (-6)23 (+3)12 (-8)

As with the attachments' table above, there just isn't much to say about the NTW because you're allowed very little customization. As a rule, all you can change is the optic and the higher magnification strength you go for, the greater range but worse handling.

NTW-50 Post-Nerf Update (January 17)

The NTW-50 was nerfed in a post-launch balance patch. It now has reduced effectiveness against vehicles, but the loadout suggestions remain the same. And the NTW-50 still holds up as a fantastic weapon. We will update this article again if any further balance changes are made to the NTW-50.

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the NTW-50

Specialist: Webster Mackay

"Huh? Webster Mackay? But he's the assault specialist?" You might be thinking. Well, yes, Mackay is an assault Specialist, and he pairs very well with close-range weaponry. But he also does good work with the long-range snipers because his gadget allows him to quickly get up to great sniping positions.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

The NTW-50 is one of the slowest and least versatile weapons in BF2042, so you're going to need to rely on your sidearm quite regularly. Because of this, we think the MP28 makes the best choice, as its stat balance makes it most able to do the work of a regular primary weapon.

Throwable: EMP

Sounds crazy, doesn't it, what would a sniper need an EMP for? The thing is, none of the throwables will be very useful to you as a sniper, but at least with the EMP, you can enjoy downing a chopper that's trying to ruin your day.

Gadget: FXM 33 AA Missile

Much like our reasoning for the EMP, with the FXM 33 AA Missile, you can deal with the biggest threats to snipers: helicopters. God-damn Apache pilots always seem fixated on clearing out rooftops. Why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

Well, there you have it, folks, the complete rundown of how to build the best attachment setup and loadout for the NTW-50.