Battlefield 2042 | Best K30 Loadout Attachments & Setup

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Now it's time to get into the details: what are the best weapons and what attachment setups do you want? Here's the best loadout for the K30.
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Yep, the Vector is back - and it's every bit as strong as you'd hope. The unique recoil system allows you to empty huge drum mags while maintaining a beat on your enemy. Obviously, this is a close-range only weapon, but in that arena it dominates. Here's the weapon setup guide.

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Best Battlefield 2042 K30 Loadout

Best Attachments for the K30

While this is a close-range gun we've still provided three setup guides, so you can best optimize the attachments for your specific playstyle.

Best SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightK8 Holo

K8 Holo

Ghost Hybrid 1.25-2.5X
AmmunitionStandard Issue / Drum MagStandard Issue / Drum MagStandard Issue / Drum Mag
UnderbarrelFactory MountsFactory MountsLWG Grip
BarrelTactical CompensatorPB Heavy SuppressorTactical Compensator

As you can see we've actually used the drum mag on all three builds, but with an rpm over 1000, we're simply burning ammo too fast for other options to be viable. We need a high-capacity drum. Generally speaking, there isn't much variation between these builds but thats because the K30 is designed with one purpose in mind, and it does that job fantastically. The exception to this is the suppressor on the short-range build, which should allow you to survive for just a few more kills when you're deep in enemy territory.

You can see the effects of these three attachment setups beneath.

Attachment Effects on the K30

DefaultBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup


4040 (0)30 (-10)40 (0)
Accuracy3436 (+2)34 (0)46 (+12)
Range3636 (0)36 (0)44 (+8)


6868 (0)68 (0)65 (-3)

As mentioned above, we aren't looking to change the K30 too much once we have the high-capacity drum mags. This weapon cannot do mid-range, so we aren't going to force to try too hard. Instead, we just need to get ourselves up close and personal with the enemy, where the K30 can absolutely slap. If only overkill was an option in Battlefield, the K30 would be unstoppable in combination with one of the marksman rifles...

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the K30

Specialist: Webster Mackay

We absolutely love Webster Mackay. His voice lines make him sound like a moron but his gadget is so much fun, and more importantly, his passive trait is perfect for close-range engagements. He'll give you a flat increase to your shooting while firing speed, and this regularly makes the difference in close-range combat.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

How sleek is the MP28? Peak tacticool. But seriously, it also has a wonderfully well-balanced stat distribution and this alone should be enough of a reason to take the MP28. Unlike the other sidearms, it's enough of an all-rounder to keep you alive until you can resupply your primary weapon.

Throwable: Frag

None of the grenades are very good for anti-infantry in Battlefield 2042, but the frag can weaken people and create environmental destruction, so we think for a K30 user they're the most likely to be a useful option.

Gadget: IBA Armor Plate

What can we say about IBA Armor Plate? There's a good reason people want it removed from the game. And we aren't trying to be controversial by picking it, but while it is still in the game we want to give our readers the biggest advantage on the battlefield.

Well, there you have it, folks, the complete rundown of how to build the best attachment setup and loadout for the K30.