The Fastest Way To Level Weapons In Battlefield 2042

You've landed in Battlefield, and you've found some weapons you love, but now comes the grind. Here's how to level weapons as quickly as possible in Battlefield 2042!
Level weapons quickly fast battlefield
Perhaps it's the (broken) NTW-50 you're grinding? | © EA

Battlefield 2042 is a slog to grind. There were some absolute heroes in the opening week of launch that built and shared Portal games that could be farmed for XP at ridiculously fast rates, but sadly, EA stamped this practice out in Update #2. So we're back to the very slow grind of All-Out-Warfare. Or are we?

We've been working hard to find the fastest ways to level in Battlefield 2042, and we think we've found a winner. If you're looking to get your camo mastery, or you just want to get enough attachments to negate the hideous recoil in this game, then keep reading.

Note: This method will only be beneficial to you if you make less than 1k XP a minute in normal multiplayer. For most of you, though, your XP a minute is probably far, far less than that.

The Fastest Method For Leveling Weapons In Battlefield 2042

Here's what you'll want to do to level your weapons up as quickly as possible:

  1. First, make sure you've got the actual weapon you want to grind in one of your loadouts. Don't worry too much about attachments; you'll be playing against bots.
  2. Choose All-Out-Warfare from the menu and then select a Solo/Co-op game of Breakthrough.
  3. Set the map as Renewal, and the bots to Beginner.
  4. Choose the loadout you made earlier and deploy in an EBAA Wildcat.
  5. Head to the objective, they'll be flooded by the beginner bots, you should be able to make near-constant kills.

If the Portal XP farms ever come back, we'll let you know, but until then, this should suffice.

With the above method, you should be able to get your weapons levelled quickly, and in a pretty chill environment. Perfect for the grind. But what should you focus on levelling right now? If you're sat there asking yourself this question, relax - we got you:

Good luck on the grind, and don't forget to stop and enjoy the view along the way!