Battlefield 2042 | Best AK-24 Loadout Attachments & Setup

Battlefield 2042 has finally launched. Now it's time to get into the details: what are the best weapons and what attachment setups do you want? Here's the best loadout for the AK-24.

Battlefield Weapons Ak 24
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The AK - it's a classic and we absolutely love it. In Battlefield 2042 it is of course a modernized version of the AK, but no less cool for that fact. And here are the best attachments for it!

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Best Battlefield 2042 AK-24 Loadout

Best Attachments for the AK-24

The AK is capable at quite some range, so we're provided you with the best short-range, and long-range setups, as well as the best overall setup.

Best SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightMaul HybridK8 HoloM22 3.5X
AmmunitionHigh-Power ExtendedStandard Issue ExrendedHigh-Power Extended
UnderbarrelCobra GripLS-1 Laser SightLWG Grip
BarrelWarhawk CompensatorWarhawk CompensatorExtended Barrel

Many of the weapons in Battlefield 2042 will make you trade between high-power or standard mags, and with high-power, you do lose handling, but we think it's worth it on the AK. We advise you to slow things down a bit, hence we've gone for the Cobra grip that improves accuracy while stationary. What you want to avoid with the AK is getting into close-quarters with another AR or SMG user, because they'll almost certainly ADS faster than you. But let them come to you, use the range advantages of the AK, and you'll be glad you've levelled this weapon.

You can see the effects of these three attachment setups beneath.

Attachment Effects on the AK-24

DefaultBest SetupBest Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
Firepower5257 (5+)52 (0)57 (+5)
Accuracy4658 (+12)58 (+12)58 (+12)
Range6070 (+10)60 (+0)76 (+16)
Handling4835 (-13)43 (-5)29 (-19)

The AK has fantastic natural range, so the long-range build above can be put to great work in a lot of these maps. In fact, it almost borders on a marksman rifle with the long-range setup stats. But the best general setup, with its high-capacity mags and relatively strong accuracy, can fit in with almost anyone's playstyle.

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the AK-24

Specialist: Ji-Soo Paik

Ji-Soo Paik is broken. There we said it. She's just really, really good and her ability is quite aggressive, so we've paired her up with a weapon that has great kill potential - the AK.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

The MP28 is similar to Ji-Soo Paik in that it's just better than everything else. The M44 is fun but it's a meme and it'll get you killed, while the G57 is just too anemic to put enemies down, despite having such great handling and accuracy. So what's left? The MP28.

Throwable: Frag

Frag grenades work well with the AK-24 because you're already going for a high-kill kind of setup; you're getting into the thick of the fight and trying to wipe squads. It doesn't hurt that the frags in BF can also do some great environmental destruction too.

Gadget: IBA Armor Plate

IBA Armor Plates are a brainless choice here, as we've been saying throughout the AK setup guide, this is all about laying down fire and focusing on kills. IBA Armor Plate won't distract you from that task.

Well, there you have it, folks, the complete rundown of how to build the best attachment setup and loadout for the AK-24.