What Do The Pros Think Of BF2042? With Maxiq, TBAG & diehardGG

Battlefield 2042 has had a difficult launch, and it's divided the fanbase more than any other title in franchise history, but where do the pros stand? We interviewed three of the biggest names in the community to find out.
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Boris looking absolutely terrifying. | © EA

Get into an argument online about Battlefield 2042 (or any game for that matter) and people will immediately begin falling back on the most annoying tactic: gate-keeping. They'll claim that they've been playing since the franchise began, and that they're in some way more of a "real fan" than you, and that this effectively discredits what you're saying. But it's very easy to claim to be a "veteran" on Reddit. What do the certified pros actually think about this game? To find out, we interviewed Maxiq, TBAG, and diehardGG, three of the biggest names in Battlefield.

You can find these guys across multiple platforms, but they primarily produce YouTube content. We highly recommend you follow them if you want to keep an ear to the ground on BF2042 and improve your game.

Without further ado, here's what they had to say about Battlefield 2042.

First Impressions With Maxiq, TBAG & diehardGG

How would you describe your content to our readers? And which piece of content are you most proud of?

TBAG: I think of myself as a gaming-YouTuber with a bigger than usual emphasis on memes/funny edits. I do all sorts of videos on different types of FPS games, everything from live commentaries to breakdown videos, ranking videos and details videos. The bulk of my content is about Battlefield, but I also have a lot of Call of Duty videos, as well as lesser popular FPS games such as Hell Let Loose, World War 3 and many more. I personally really like this video that I made a while back:

It is currently my most viewed video, and it's just filled to the brim with funny gameplay moments and memes/edits.

Maxiq: I would describe my own content as trying to create epic gameplay (like high killstreaks or just epic Only In Battlefield Moments) and also guides on how to improve in the game. I am extremely happy with my big Battlefield compilations:

When I reach a certain hour playtime Milestone, I will make a video with the best moments that happened during those hours of playtime.

diehardGG: I make a variety of content spanning across many different FPS games. Right now that includes Apex Legends, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo. Whether it's game reviews, gameplay, history of a franchise or interesting stories, I try to cover it all. One of my favorite videos was when I sent everybody on a nostalgia trip through the first ten seasons of Apex Legends:

Are you happy with the amount of content that the full game provides - do you think it's worth 70 bucks?

TBAG: Regarding the price point of Battlefield 2042, it still is a AAA title from one of the biggest shooter franchises, so I don't have a problem with the price point. That being said, the current state of the game is a bit rough, so you could argue that the game is truly worth the full price once all of the issues have been ironed out.

Maxiq: In all honesty, the game still needs a lot of work and in its current state I would actually not say it's worth it. However, I know they are working on some big updates to improve the game so hopefully, after that, the game will be fully worth the money. I would also like to mention that the game is simply a ton of fun which is the most important factor, it's just not finished feels like.

diehardGG: I am not happy with the amount of content that Battlefield 2042 provides at launch, and I actually summarize all of my thoughts in this video:

I think the game should have been a free to play title, or $20-$30 at a maximum.

What do you think about Hazard Zone? Should it have been free-to-play? Would you have preferred a Battle Royale?

TBAGHazard: Zone is an interesting new direction for DICE to take in the 'royale' sub-genre. It's not really my kind of mode, I personally would have preferred a Battle Royale mode to compete with Call of Duty Warzone. It also doesn't help that Hazard Zone is not free-to-play, which it definitely should have been. Right now, I don't see it maintaining a healthy player base. However, if it does become free-to-play, you never know what might happen, it has the right ingredients to be something special.

Maxiq: I would have preferred a free-to-play battle royale. Hazard Zone is a fun experience with friends, but it is not a game mode that I personally enjoy. I was hoping for it to be a little more intense, but I can see that a lot of people are enjoying this game mode. I personally find it a little too casual for a squad-based game mode.

diehardGG: Hazard Zone is barren and lifeless, with almost no incentive to play it. Credits amount to basically nothing after you've successfully extracted a few times. I would've much preferred a Battle Royale.

The community seems to like Portal the most out of the three core modes, is it your favorite too? And, which Battlefield game would you must like to see brought into Portal next?

TBAG: Portal is by far the best part of Battlefield 2042. The fact that you have a proper editor to create your own custom game modes (like Gun Game, Infection, and more) is something I didn't expect to be in the game at all. It's also awesome to see older Battlefield games getting a new coat of paint within Portal. I would really like to see Battlefield 1 being brought into Portal. It's the most unique Battlefield game in terms of the setting (WW1) and it also has some interesting weapons that could provide a unique experience compared to the other, more familiar weapons. Another Battlefield game I would like to see is Battlefield Bad Company 1. The original Bad Company had some of the best maps in the franchise that were specifically designed for the Rush game mode.

Maxiq: Portal is great! I can't wait for the stuff that the community will create there, and it's fun to go back to the older Battlefields in that game. It isn't my favorite, but I can understand why so many people are enjoying it. I would love to see Battlefield 1 or 5 in Portal. Those are the games I played the most, so I can relate to them. I think Battlefield 1 would be a fan favorite to bring to portal. The maps and guns are great from those games, so I think it would work great for the community.

diehardGG: I don't actually like Portal as much as others do. This seems like a narrative directed by other large YouTubers to shy people away from the fact that the core game in All Out Warfare and Hazard Zone are lackluster. Portal is an obvious reskin of Battlefield 2042, and mechanics such as classics don't even work the way that they did in the prior titles. Take Battlefield 3 for example. In Portal, you're limited to one gadget per class - just like the specialist ability in All Out Warfare or Hazard Zone. This simply didn't exist in Battlefield 3, as you could pick one from any number of gadgets.

To end, something controversial - Specialists. Where do you stand on them? Are you happy with the move from classes to Specialists?

TBAG: I am personally not a big fan of the specialists themselves in Battlefield 2042. Though I don't mind them that much compared to the majority of the community. I do, however, dislike the fact that with the new specialist system, they have gotten rid of the classic class-system that is known in the Battlefield franchise. Every specialist has access to all of the guns in Battlefield 2042, and that alone eliminates the risk-reward assessment that was previously connected to picking the right class with the right loadout for the right situation. That's gone now, which I think is a shame. However, it does open up some new gameplay opportunities that I am keen on exploring.

Maxiq: I actually am pretty happy with them. I was a little worried about some of the balance, but they seem to work great in the game. There is not one specialist that is being overused or unbalanced so far. It is just whatever your playstyle is to what specialist you will use. My personal favorite is Mackay (the guy with the grapple hook), it makes me able to move around the map quickly and get a great advantage over other players.

diehardGG: I personally like Specialists. I think they add a new dynamic to Battlefield and are an evolution of the Battlefield formula. Most fit within the classic class system, but there are clear favorites to choose. My personal favorite being either Sundance or Angel. Sundance for traversal and regenerating grenades, and Angel for replenishing armor and ammo whenever needed.

We hope you've enjoyed our interview with Maxiq, TBAG and diehardGG, three voices we'd love to hear more from as Battlefield 2042 develops. As they all made clear, there are certainly issues with Battlefield 2042, but there are also some highlights, and this is only the beginning of the road for the game. Interesting that Maxiq and TBAG agreed Battlefield 1 was the title they next wanted to see in Portal, we may have heard a little rumor about that ourselves...