Battlefield 2042 Leak: BF1 To Provide First Season's Portal Content

It was shocking when we first heard that Portal would not launch with any of Battlefield 1; it was one of the most beloved of the franchise. So the recent news that BF1 is going to make up 2042's first seasonal content should be no surprise. Consider us hyped.
Battlefield2042 Portal
So, it's to the bunkers of World War 1 first... | © EA

Dataminers have already delved deeply into the code of Battlefield 2042, and they've found a ton of surprises - including bad news for the Hazard Zone mode. But while they were digging, they also found a ton of assets from an older game. Datamined leaks can be relied upon more than any other type of leak - so we're quite confident in what they've discovered.

The First Seasonal Content For Portal - Battlefield 1

Battlefield 2042's first seasonal content looks like it will focus largely on Battlefield 1, their World War 1 installment from 2016. This news comes from insider-turned-leaker Tom Henderson:

Now, all of those assets being in the game near enough confirms what he's saying. Because those cannot possibly be used in any other way for BF2042; this can't be an ordinary case of asset recycling because the assets themselves would mismatch with the setting so violently. We also know that Portal won't have any Battlefield 1 content on launch, so the only rational explanation left is that these assets are in the game in preparation to be released at a later date. Most likely, season 1.

This is fantastic news - Battlefield 1 is highly regarded, and for good reason. It's one of the few Battlefield games that will really make Portal feel like a time-traveling experience. We can't wait.

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Will Portal Be In The BF2042 Beta?

No, Portal will not be playable in the Battlefield 2042 beta. This information came from someone datamining the beta code, not actually playing the mode. We know, at this point, that the beta will focus purely on multiplayer.

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