BF2042: Hazard Zone Will Be Small & Less Like A BR Than First Thought

People's expectations for Battlefield's Hazard Zone mode might need to be tempered slightly. This isn't the vast and open BR-like experience we were expecting, it's played on normal-sized multiplayer maps and sounds...underwhelming.
Battlefield 2042 battle royale
Can they hope to compete with Warzone in this case? | © EA

The beta for Battlefield 2042 is out for content creators already. Obviously, that's exciting because besides ordinary content creators, it also means leakers - like the infamous Tom Henderson - can get a look at the game too. And not really just the game, but more importantly, the code.

Yep, dataminers have already plunged the depths of this build of Battlefield 2042, and they've found some particularly disturbing lines of code regarding Hazard Zone. This mode is much less expansive than we first thought.

Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone Leak

Whereas we originally thought Hazard Zone would be an Escape From Tarkov meets Battle Royale kind of thing, it looks like it's actually far smaller and closer to normal multiplayer. Hazard Zone won't have its own map, it will be played on normal multiplayer maps, for instance:

This means that we're not going to get the open-world feeling of a BR, and before you complain that Battlefield 2042 maps are massive, they can all fit inside Warzone's Verdansk.

But there will be 'extractions' at least so the idea of fighting to survive from BRs will be in Hazard Zone:

It's not all bad news then, although they still have time to improve the mode so let's see.

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Will Hazard Zone Be In The BF2042 Beta?

No, Hazard Zone will not be playable in the BF2042 beta. This information came from someone datamining the beta code, not actually playing the mode. We know at this point that the beta will focus purely on multiplayer.

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