Battlefield 2042 Was Meant To Have Tsunamis, Volcanos and Earthquakes...

A known insider has revealed details about what kind of game Battlefield 2042 was supposed to be. We were meant to get much more than we did. So much for "cod killer"...

Battlefield 2042 Tsunami volcano earthquake
What went wrong guys... | © EA

Battlefield 2042 has been getting a lot of bad press - and we're guilty of that ourselves. But in our defense - 2042 was a betrayal of the fans, and if rumors are to be believed, EA's decisions are going to drive this franchise even harder into the ground. So why do we keep poking the dead body with a stick? Because it's almost hypnotic, like a bad car-crash you need to stare, you don't want to. And now we've learned even more about what was cut from this title - half the weather effects.

What Weather Effects were meant to be in Battlefield 2042?

According to a known insider, Tom Henderson, Battlefield 2042 was supposed to include a ton of weather effects besides the Tornado, including Volcanos, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis. And these weather effects sound like they would have actually impacted on the gameplay, rather than being the strange gimmicky distraction we were instead treated to. Here's what Henderson said about the weather effects in a recent treat:

Yeah, he sums it up pretty well with this expression, doesn't he. It's just immensely disappointing, and all the more evidence that they should have delayed the game. Gamers themselves are perfectly okay with delays, Battlefield should never have pushed for this release just to challenge Halo and CoD for the coveted November release window. They weren't ready.

If nothing, else, at least we still got (some) destruction...

Will we ever get these cool Effects?

No, almost certainly not. When you compare the 12+ maps that BF1 and BF4 received in year 1 and compare that to the 4 that are intended for BF2042, you get some indication at just how much support we can expect. With Battlefield 2042 having performed as poorly as it did, it honestly wouldn't be surprising if they just up and cancelled the franchise. They might have more luck with a clean slate and a new IP. But having recently canned Star Wars Battlefront, for the sake of Battlefield, they probably want to ride it out and see what they can do.