DICE Are Working On Another Battlefield - Not Star Wars Battlefront 3!

Star Wars fans have to endure a lot of disappointment whenever the franchise branches into video games. Battlefront in particular seems cursed, and now it appears EA may simply abandon the series.
No Battlefront 3
Hask is as shocked as we are! | © EA

Battlefront is a cursed franchise. The second game had one of the worst launches in recent memory of any game. But the devs kept with it and wrestled it into a good state. There's actually quite an active Battlefront 2 community right now, which makes this news even more galling.

If these rumors are to be believed, then we're afraid it's going to be a very long time before we see a Battlefront 3, if at all. Let's get into the leak.

DICE Are Not Moving On To Battlefront 3

DICE is the studio behind Battlefield and Battlefront, and so far, they've been working on them in tandem; a Battlefront game one year and Battlefield the next. Battlefield 2042 has just been released, so the expectation was that the team would then move on to a Star Wars Battlefront game. Apparently not:

It probably has become too much for this one studio to try and take on so much; the games they produce are unfortunately beginning to show the tell-tale signs of a rushed production. So shifting instead to a model whereby another studio takes on the task might be the best thing for DICE. It's that, or abandons the project altogether, and surely, they won't be so foolish as to neglect an IP on this scale.

We don't know what will happen to the Battlefront franchise exactly, but we'll be keeping a keen eye on it, and we'll update you as soon as we know more.

Can We Trust This Information?

Unfortunately, yes, we probably can; Tom Henderson is a known leaker who's proven his credentials on numerous occasions. He's been wrong on occasion too, but not often. And in this case, there wouldn't be much vested interest in lying or creating hype, so we're all the more certain of this information.

Sorry Star Wars fans, but who knows. Plus, KOTOR is coming back, so you're already promised a fantastic RPG soon!