Battlefield Is A Joke Now

Battlefield 2042 had many problems since release, but a lot of people still stood by it. EA now has lost a lot of those people as well, after selling an unbelievably ridiculous skin. See for yourself.

Battlefield Is A Joke Now
This is honestly unbelievable... | © EA

What is EA doing? Many people have asked this question about almost anything concerning Battlefield 2042 and its troubling release. Now they really put the cherry on the icing: the latest update to Battlefield 2042 accidentally introduced a bunch of unbelievably ridiculous and horrible skins. And fans are fed up with this nonsense.

Battlefield Is Actively Making Fun Of Us Now

EA has really gone and done it now... as mentioned, a bunch of skins have basically "leaked", as in EA accidentally put them in the game when they released Update 3 and then quickly removed them. And one of them caused a real stir. We're talking about the skin called "Father Winter" for the Specialist Boris. You can see the disgrace above. And obviously, seeing this didn't go down well with the fans...

I have defended DICE. But please accept my apologies and let me join the hate train. I can sit in the last car. Sorry. from battlefield2042

We say "obviously", because this just does not fit into a Battlefield game at all. Yes, the games are pretty silly to some degree, but in their core they used to be gritty and down-to-earth war simulations. Now it seems to have turned into Fortnite, a ridiculous hodgepodge of ugly skins. Which will be potentially sold as well... dirty, EA. Even by your subpar standards.

Many fans complained not just about the state of Battlefield 2042 and that it seemed unfinished, but also that it lost a big part of its identity. This is obviously pure catnip for those people. The subreddit is aflame right now, as you can see above.

As we said, these skins are not officially in the game yet and seem to be part of a "Preseason". What exactly that is and when it will start is not yet confirmed, as of writing. However, we can't say we are excited, judging from this first, horrifying glimpse into the potential future of Battlefield. And it's not exactly, what fans and pros have been asking for, is it? A shame...