Where Is The Environmental Destruction In Battlefield 2042?

The Battlefield 2042 beta is out, and we noticed something while we were playing: where's the environmental destruction?

Where is the enviornmental destruction
This is...awkward... | © EA

We've been jumping into BF2042 games all day - it's been a fairly decent start to the beta. But at some point, we began to notice the absence of that classic Battlefield atmosphere that gives these games so much character. It didn't feel like a battlefield- it didn't feel like an all-out war. And the lack of destruction is one of the biggest culprits.

Environmental Destruction In Battlefield 2042

There is some destruction in Battlefield 2042. We'll say that much upfront. Both the M5 Recoilless Launcher and the C5 Explosive are capable of destroying chunks from a certain type of wall you can find on the map. This is how much wall you can knock out with an M5:

BF2042 Destruction
A before and after shot with the M5 | © EA

But the problem? We had to actively look around and find these kinds of walls in-game because almost nothing else besides the trees seem to be destructible. And only a fraction of the buildings on the map can be interacted with in this way.

All of the significant structures in the game are effectively immune to player effects. So during the beta, we didn't see any organic examples of environmental destruction impacting play. No one was doing it to open up sightlines, no one was doing it for fun.

Of course, it might have been the map we got to play on in the beta - Orbital - that made us feel the absence of destruction. Orbital feels...empty, and so it would have been hard to notice environmental destruction either way. We'll need to see if the other maps have more opportunities for destruction, but it doesn't bode well...

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