Fans Ask For Battlefield 2042 To Be Delayed

The beta began - and then came the feedback. There's a ton of fans who are loving BF2042, but there are even more who aren't. What are the main concerns? Could another delay help?
Bf2042 fans disappointed
All this hype may have actually hurt BF2042. | © EA

The Battlefield 2042 beta began on October 6, and we were covering it the entire weekend; breaking down all the weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, delving into community concerns, and reviewing the game along the way.

And as many of you who are clued into the online Battlefield communities will already be aware of, it didn't go down as smoothly as everyone expected. So poorly for some fans in fact that they're asking for a further delay. Tom Henderson, something of a community leader, became the first big figure to say it publically:

But it wasn't just celebs. On the Battlefield subreddit, the most highly voted feedback post of the first 24 hours was simply titled: Battlefield 2042 Looks Worse Than BF1 and Plays Worse Than BF4.

Of course, there are people having a good time, as we said upfront, but it seems for most gamers this hasn't hit the mark.

We'll go through the main concerns beneath, and ask whether a delay could help.

The Biggest Problems With BF2042


The movement feels janky. Even more so than BF4 did. But it's far less acceptable in 2021. You expect Battlefield to be a bit weaker in this department because the engine (Frostbite) isn't purpose built for first-person shooters, but this year feels even worse than usual. It's probably because we're comparing it in our minds to the IW8 used by Battlefield's biggest competitor - Call of Duty. But seriously, go on the BF2042 beta after playing Warzone, and you'll notice how unresponsive it feels, and how little weight there is behind player movement; it feels almost...floaty.

Map Design

Orbital is a bad map. It might be the case that just this one map is poor, and the others are great. But the beta is effectively your shop-window; it should show off the content they're proud of. Orbital just feels empty and devoid of any character.


The Specialists are bizarre. All 128 players are made up of only 4 character models, and even then only one of the specialists is getting much play. The whole idea is too individualistic for Battlefield, and this more than anything else forces one to question whether they've lost their Battlefield identity. The battlefield should make you feel like a soldier, willing to die for the man or woman on your left, but effectively, a grunt. In BF2042, you almost never feel that way.


This is harder to put your finger on, but it's a complaint we've now seen repeated countless times by playtesters. The idea of no-pats combined with AI filled-lobbies massively diminishes the feeling of being a combatant in a total-war scenario. You don't get the sense of being side by side with a fellow soldier.

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Would A Delay Help?

Honestly, no. The problems people have with the game are largely the new design philosophy and the engine limitations - those won't change, even if the game is delayed until March. They can make small things like make snipers more satisfying, improve sound engineering and hopefully lower TTK, but for BF2042 to have a great launch, we're now going to hope for more from the other modes we haven't seen. And hopefully, the other maps are better too; Orbital is very dull.

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