How Strict Is The SBMM In Battlefield 2042?

We've been playing the beta since launch and obviously, SBMM was one of the bigger concerns we were watching out for. But there's a new feature in BF2042's multiplayer that changes the whole SBMM debate.
How Strict SBMM Battlefield 2042
Bots, so many bots... | © EA

The Battlefield 2042 beta has certainly caused a stir. After all the confident hype and bravado, who could have predicted that so much controversy would erupt? But let's get down to the exact details and take it piece by piece. How is the SBMM, also known as Skill-Based Matchmaking.

For those who don't know, SBMM is an important part of shooters because it basically dictates who you will be up against in a lobby. A game with strict SBMM ensures that you only play against people at your skill level. But a very relaxed SBMM could match you with players who were far better or worse. Relaxed SBMM games feel more chaotic and casual.

How Strict Is The SBMM In Battlefield 2042?

The skill-based matchmaking in BF2042 is only mild; it doesn't feel as strong as MW2019 or BOCW, and the presence of bots means that the matches always feel somewhat casual anyway.

You never get that feeling that games with strict SBMM can give you of being absolutely punished for having a good match. Even when you do face strong teams, there are usually enough bots playing to allow everyone to get some kills.

This casual-friendly design is likely to be well received by many, but it'll certainly cause a rift in the fanbase.

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Are Bots In Every Mode In Battlefield 2042?

No, there will be no bots in Hazard Zone, which is quite a serious and competitive sounding mode, and in Portal mode, players will have the option to enable them or not. Bots aren't necessarily a bad thing, and you can see how bots in certain Portal games could be fun, but they do make the game feel less dramatic.

We'll have to wait a little longer to see how the wider community responds to bots.

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