How To Fix "Backend Server Could Not Be Found" Error in Battlefield 2042

Imagine playing the Battlefield 2042 beta and getting the Backend server could not be found error... oh... you did. Right, then let's fix it!

Battlefield 2042 fix backend server not found error
Here is how to fix Battlefield 2042's "Backend server could not be found" error. | © DICE

The Battlefield beta will end in a couple of hours and many people are now, in the last precious hours, facing the "Backend server could not be found" error. If you don't know how much longer you have, check this article, where we list every time zones. And if you want to know how to fix the error, then keep on reading, because it's actually rather easy.

Many people hate the beta, others love the beta, nevertheless, everyone is playing the Battlefield 2042 beta right now and because it's just that, a beta, there's quite a few bugs going around right now.

How To Fix Battlefield 2042 Error Backend Server Could Not Be Found

  • Make sure your Battlefield 2042 beta is updated
  • Make sure the Battlefield 2042 servers are not down (if so, cry, because you can't do anything about that)

The version of your beta and the server status are the most likely sources of this error, so updating your version should fix this problem... and like I said, if it's the servers, then you just have to suffer through it.

This error might also appear if the beta has ended. So if you see this article tomorrow, I'm sorry, buddy, but the beta is over.

If you don't have enough Battlefield 2042 content yet, you should totally check out our YouTube video where some of us go on a full on rant.

Some errors from the beta might be carried over to the official release of the game, so if the "Backend server could not be found" error will appear in the full Battlefield 2042 game, we will update this article and give you some more solutions to hopefully fix this problem.

But for now, let's hope this will be one of the errors that will never bug us again.

So, see you on November 19th when Battlefield 2042 finally releases... bug- and error-free, we hope.

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