How To Preload The Battlefield 2042 Beta

Battlefield 2042's beta begins on October 6 for those who have pre-ordered, and on October 8 for everybody else. But everyone can preload the game onto their console or PC from October 5 - here's how.
Battlefield 2042 Early Game
Let's get ready everyone - we don't want last-minute disasters | © EA

Battlefield 2042's beta is less than 20GB, but the last thing we want is for any of our readers to have to download it on the day of release. Even if your internet can download the beta in an hour or less, that's still a couple of games you'll miss out on if you fail to preload. So, here's how.

Note: If you pre-ordered the game digitally, then this is far easier. From the same store you pre-ordered the game (PS Store, Xbox Store, Steam, Origin), you can simply search 'Battlefield Beta' and begin downloading.

How Do You Download Battlefield 2042's Beta?

Early Access or Physical Pre-Order

If you have physically pre-ordered the game or are eligible for Early Access as a content creator then you will have been provided with a code from EA. This is not a code for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Origin. To use this code do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your account or make one
  3. Go to account settings and then 'Connections' - you need to make sure you've linked your PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Origin account.
  4. Then redeem the EA code in the 'redeem code' section of the settings
  5. This can take a while, sometimes hours, but when you return to your console or PC with the linked account, you should be able to find and download the beta from the respective store.

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The Free Open Beta

If you aren't paying for the game but want to try the beta then you'll need to wait till October 8 to play, but you can preload now too. Just follow these steps depending on your platform.

Open Beta - PS4 / PS5

You will be able to find the 'Battlefield Open Beta' on the PlayStation Store, you can download it now, but it won't be playable until October 8.

Open Beta - Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S

As with PlayStation, just search 'Battlefield Open Beta' on the Xbox Store and download it ready for the beta to go live.

Open Beta - PC

On PC, we advise the Origin app over Steam because it's EA's native client, and so we've found it's less prone to failures. On the Origin store right now, you'll find the 'Battlefield Open Beta' available for download on the home page.

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