All AIs Agree This Is The Best Call of Duty Game Ever

We asked Google's Bard AI and ChatGPT what they think is the best call of Duty game of all time, and they both agree on the same title.

Co D 4 AI
Bard Ai and ChatGPT agree on CoD 4 Modern Warfare being the best Call of Duty ever. | © Activision/Google/ChatGPT

Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and maybe even the most successful. With 19 games in the main series and several spin-offs one question that comes up a lot, not only in the CoD community, is "What is the best Call of Duty game of all time?"

If you just post that question on Reddit or Twitter, you will get a million different answers and also probably start a war. So before you do so, you should prepare yourself for a lot of hate comments and probably hide your mom, because a lot of CoD kiddies might want to fuck her all of a sudden...

Of course, we don't want you or your mom to get hurt physically or emotionally, so we tried to settle the argument for you.

ChatGPT And Google's Bard AI Agree On Best Call of Duty Of All Time

We asked ChatGPT and Bard Ai, two of the most advanced chatbots at the moment, what they think is the best Call of Duty game of all time. And who would have thought, they both agreed that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from 2007 is the best Call of Duty ever.

Here you can see their answers in full:

Bard Ai best Co D
Google's Bard AI clearly chooses CoD 4: Modern Warfare as the best CoD ever. | © Google
Chatgtpt best Co D
ChatGPT also goes for CoD 4: Modern Warfare, but mentions Black Ops as well. | © ChatGPT

I mean, it's no surprise for me, I always knew CoD 4: Modern Warfare was the best CoD ever made, but it's nice to be backed up by AI. Also, both chatbots come up with really good arguments for those games.

So, there you have it, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the best Call of Duty of all time – end of discussion!

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