Survey: Call of Duty Has The Second Most Negative Fanbase On The Internet, After Rihanna

A survey that studied the negativity of online communities based on the language they used found Call of Duty fans to be amongst the worst. In fact, they were only beaten by Rihanna's fanbase.

Co D Second Most Negative Fanbase After Rihanna
A disappointing finding for both Captain Price and Rihanna. | © Activision / Rihanna via Twitter

With Warzone Ranked still quite far away, and new rumors circulating that suggest the 2023 premium title from CoD will be rushed through development, it's no wonder that Call of Duty fans are negative. But now we actually have a study to back up just how negative CoD fans are.

  • CoD fans might be negative, especially about whatever the most recent CoD game happens to be, but we actually recommend Modern Warfare II. If you want to try it, here's a link to buy MWII.

Study Compares Negativity In Online Fandoms

A survey conducted by Wordtips recorded the negativity of online fandoms based on the language they used, and Rihanna was revealed to have the most negative fanbase. This was shortly followed by Call of Duty, and then a few anime series like One Piece and Demon Slayer.

You can see a nice graphic from Wordtips below, which highlights some of the most negative communities:

Most Negative Fanbase
These were the most negative communities. | © Wordtips

They also looked into the most positive communities. You might not be surprised to hear that Taylor Swift and One Direction had the most positive communities, with the most positive game being Diablo. Which is great news for the Diablo devs, given the Diablo 4 beta is launching so soon.

But while Call of Duty and Rihanna fans might be some of the most negative online, we shouldn't let it color our view of the entire fanbase. As Wordtips sensibly remind us:

Please remember, these stats testify to the fact that no fanbase is 100% good or evil. Only a minority shout it in public – whether negative or otherwise. And a fanbase is definitely no reflection on the artist or Sith Lord that they stan.

What fanbase did you expect to be the most negative online? And why was it League of Legends?

If you thought CoD fans were negative about MWII, wait until they get CoD 2023...

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