$80 For A Map Pack? CoD 2023 Will Be A Continuation Of Modern Warfare 2

Bloomberg confirmed that CoD 2023 will continue Modern Warfare 2's story and even carry over MW2 content. Will it just be a full price DLC?

Co D 2023 MW2 5
Let's hope there will be more in CoD 2023 than just a new campaign. | © Activision

Call of Duty news this year are crazy... It wasn't that long ago that we were all convinced Modern Warfare 2 would have a two-year cycle. Then we heard news about a big DLC being released to replace a new premium release, and now that DLC is supposed to be a full price premium Call of Duty after all.

After a recent leak even revealed the code name for CoD 2023, which is apparently "Jupiter", Jason Schreier has now given even more details on CoD 2023.

CoD 2023 Will Be Modern Warfare 2.5

According to Jason Schreier, CoD 2023 was actually planned as a "premium expansion", but turned into a full game during its development. The current plan is to continue the Modern Warfare 2 story, but also carry over MW2 content. He also states that Sledgehammer Games is being supported by Treyarch and Infinity Ward to make the release happen.

So yes, as we already guessed, Activision planned to release a big DLC for MW2 in 2023, but then realized that they have enough content to sell it as a full game. However, as stated in the Bloomberg report, some Sledgehammer employees are actually worried about the schedule since they have less than two years to develop the whole game. We all remember the difficulties Vanguard had... So let's hope that the support of both Treyarch AND Infinity Ward is enough to prevent a total disaster.

Not having to wait for two years to continue the MW2 story is great news, but carrying over "old" content from MW2 could lead to a huge shit storm in the CoD community. Many players are already upset with the same multiplayer maps being remade over and over again, so carrying over old maps and game modes would basically result in CoD 2023 just being MW2 with a new campaign. Selling that at full price will not go down well with the players...

But please keep in mind, that even the info from Bloomberg isn't officially confirmed by Activision. By now, everything we know about CoD 2023 is solely based on leaks and rumors and could change at any time.

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