CoD 2023 Code Name Leaked And It Is Out Of This World

A recent leak just revealed a ton of info about the coming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 seasons. However, it also revealed the CoD 2023 code name and an alpha date.

Co D 2023 Jupiter
CoD 2023 Codename Jupiter: Will it be set in outer space? | © Activision

A huge leak just popped up, containing all kinds of sensitive documents, including a schedule containing many of this year's highlights for the Call of Duty franchise. Now, we already know that there will probably be a new Call of Duty premium title in 2023 instead of a DLC for Modern Warfare 2, but we didn't have a name yet. Thanks to the recent leak, we now know the code name of the game as well as a date for the first alpha.

CoD 2023 Code Name Jupiter

According to the leaked schedule posted on Twitter by vx-underground CoD 2023 is code-named Jupiter. So far, we thought that CoD 2023 will most probably be a continuation of Modern Warfare 2, maybe even Modern Warfare 3, and we also know that it is being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

With Jupiter being a planet and having nothing to do with any kind of Modern Warfare, we actually wonder, if Sledgehammer is maybe working on a sequel for Advanced Warfare? Of course, that is just some wild speculation and probably bullsh**, but I wouldn't even be mad about it...

CoD 2023 Code Name Jupiter Alpha Dates

The screenshotted schedule does not only show the code name, but also a supposed alpha date. According to the schedule, a first alpha is planned for May 26th – June 2nd.

This would make sense, since it would give the devs enough time to make changes before the beta, that is supposed to start on October 6th. You can read up on everything we know about CoD 2023 here:

What do you think about Project Jupiter? Will it be MWIII or something completely different?

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