The Best Christmas Skins in Call of Duty

Of course, Call of Duty also regularly celebrates Christmas in-game, especially with Christmas operator skins. We've rounded up the coolest Call of Duty Christmas skins of the last few years.

Festive Fervor best christmas skins
Call of Duty: The Festive Fervor Event brought us some great Christmas skins. | © Activision

It's Christmastime again, and we're all in the holiday spirit. Of course, we can all play a ton over the holidays, but we want to be dressed in the finest outfits, right? Fortunately, almost all of today's multiplayer games offer a plethora of skins, and usually quite a few that celebrate Christmas as well.

Call of Duty also has its own Christmas event almost every year. And as part of these events, there are always some bundles in the shop that provide us with Christmas operator skins. Today we're going to take a look at some of the best from CoD history, with skins from older games as well as from CoD: Mobile.

Call of Duty: The Best Christmas Skins


Let's start with the most recent Operator Skin, Klaus, in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0:

Co D christmas Klaus
Klaus with a fancy Santa hat. | © Activision

Klaus was introduced with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0: Season 1 Reloaded. We don't need to explain why the skin is Christmassy, do we? The operator wears a Santa hat and his name is Klaus... Not Santa Claus, of course, but Klaus Fisker, but you can't make it much more obvious. The skin is definitely cool, and the two weapon blueprints included in the bundle are also decorated in Christmas red and white.

By the way, here we have our own article on the Klaus Bundle, if you want to know what it costs and what's included.

Yarn Burner

Moving on to CoD: Vanguard:

Co D christmas Lucas Santas slay
Even the weapon has a knitted skin... | © Activision

Yes, Vanguard wasn't the best Call of Duty, but the Festive Fervor event for Christmas was pretty nice and gave us Christmas skins too. In the Santa's Slay Bundle we got the Yarn Burner Skin for Operator Lucas, complete with Ugly Sweater and Santa Hat. In, addition, the weapons in the bundle fired red-green tracer ammunition - it doesn't get much more Christmassy than that.


And another Vanguard Skin from the Festive Fervor Event:

Co D christmas vinderblood Krampus
The Vinderblood skin is just damn cool. | © Activision

For all those who are not so into cozy Christmas, and want to be taken a little more seriously. The Vinderblood Skin for Operator Roland is based on the Krampus myth, and was available in the Krampus Unleashed Bundle. In addition to the operator skin, the highlight of the bundle was the finishing move "Reindog Rampage". In this finisher, the player calls out a German Shepherd with cute reindeer antlers and Christmas presents on its back, which then mauls your opponent. Here you can see the finisher in a short clip.

Santa Snoop

And that brings us to probably the coolest Christmas skin in Call of Duty ever:

Co D christmas Snoop Dogg mobile
Snoop Dogg and Call of Duty have a very long-running partnership. | © Activision

Snoop Dogg is back in CoD again. He was in CoD for the first time in Ghosts as part of a voice pack, and just recently in Vanguard as an operator. In CoD: Mobile he is now Santa himself and how awesome is this operator skin? Of course, he also has a Christmassy RUS-79u blueprint to match his outfit, sparkling in festive gold and red. If you want to celebrate Christmas in style in CoD: Mobile, you definitely need to get the Snoop Skin!

These were our favorite Christmas skins in Call of Duty. Did we forget an awesome skin? Which Christmas skins have you celebrated the most in recent years?

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