The Best Warzone Pacific Machine Pistol Loadout | Vanguard's Best Sidearm

The Machine Pistol is the best sidearm to come out of Vanguard. And maybe it can find a home in your Ghost loadouts? Here's the current attachment meta for the Machine Pistols.
Vanguard Weapons Machine Pistol
The best pistol in Vanguard. | © Activision Blizzard

The Machine Pistol is just that, a pistol. We're not going to get hyped about it, and we're not going to persuade you it's the new meta. But it's still good to have a decent pistol setup in your late-game Ghost classes. Because who knows, it might come up clutch. Think of these puppies as this year's M19 Akimbo setup.

Note: If you're looking to use this sidearm in multiplayer then you're in the wrong place - this is a Warzone loadout, you're looking for this setup guide.

The Best Machine Pistol Setup

Machine gun pistol
Don't be tempted by the 40-round Gorenko mags, they won't be worth the damage loss. | © Activision Blizzard
MuzzleM1929 Silencer
BarrelVDD 140mm HE
Trigger ActionHair Trigger
Magazine9mm 20 Round Mags
Ammo TypeSubsonic
Rear GripPine Tar Grip

Fully Loaded

The clutch attachments here are obviously the mags and Akimbo. It really is that simple, and because we're taking the Machine Pistols akimbo, we're not worrying about any of the ADS boosting attachments. All we really care about is hip-fire accuracy. That's the name of the game with an akimbo loadout. With this setup you should be effective out to 15 m, but anything further than that and your better off seeking cover and reloading your main.

Well there you have it folks, the perfect setup for the Machine Pistols. They aren't as good as an SMG or an AR in your secondary slot, but if you're diving in on that 6th circle loadout then they can do bits and clutch the dubs.

Looking for something to put in the primary slot of that Ghost class? Then may we recommend the best weapon in Warzone right now: the Automaton.