The Best Sidearms In Warzone 2 | Complete Pistol Ranking

Secondary weapons are more relevant in Warzone 2.0 because we don't have the option to get loadouts whenever we want. But which secondary weapon should you use? We've ranked every sidearm in Warzone 2.0 for you below.

The Best Sidearms in Warzone 2 0
Here are the best sidearms in Warzone 2. | © Activision

With Warzone 2.0 giving us so few opportunities to grab a loadout, sidearms are more important than they were previously. Luckily, we have some pretty decent options to pick from. You can find our complete ranking of every pistol in Warzone 2 below.

Ranking All Sidearms In Warzone 2

5. .50 GA

The Desert Eagle does good damage for a pistol, but that's about it. The recoil is horrendous and makes follow-up shots hard to land, the mobility and handling are poor for a pistol, and the akimbo option is a no-go thanks to poor hip-fire accuracy. Keep the Deagle in hardcore / Tier-1.

50 GS
The high-calibre pistols are usually worth avoiding. | © Activision

It looks cool though, we have to admit.

4. Basilisk

The revolver of MWII has exactly the same problems as the Desert Eagle. The only reason we've ranked it slightly higher is that, thanks to the Snakeshot ammo attachment, you can turn the Basilisk into a bit of a pocket shotgun. We say "a bit" because the Snakeshot in this game is nowhere near as strong as it was in MW2019.

Snakeshot just isn't as broken this year. | © Activision

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

3. X13

This is the full-auto pistol, and it has access to 50-round mags. Now, that fact alone forces us to rate this weapon fairly highly. It might do piss-poor damage, but for those who just want an easy spray and pray weapon, the X13 is the obvious choice. And once you have it fully levelled it makes a fairly decent pocket SMG.

X13 Auto pic
Not the best, but the easiest to use. | © Activision

The classic full-auto Glock from MW2 is back, all these years later.

2. X12

The X12 is semi-auto, but with a lightened trigger you can get a really impressive fire-rate out of this thing. And when you combine that with a fastdraw grip you've got a weapon that feels incredibly responsive and reliable. It also slaps with the akimbo attachment, but more on that below...

X12 pic
This is the weapon you start with by default, so most players will naturally get levelled up over time. | © Activision

You can find a complete attachment setup guide for the X12 here.

1. P890

Use the P890 with akimbo, a laser for hip-fire, and a decent suppressor for extended range, and you've got an amazing secondary option. Although, we do expect IW / Raven to nerf this combo soon, so be prepared to fall back to one of the other options.

Have Call of Duty ever been able to balance akimbo? | © Activision

For a complete overview of the best attachments and tunings, here's our P890 guide.

That was our complete ranking of the sidearms in MW2, we hope you found it helpful.

It's well-worth levelling up one of the better options on the list because, as we all know, it's faster swapping to your secondary weapon than reloading. And if you need help levelling-up and unlocking all these attachments, the quickest method is simply by playing Modern Warfare 2.

Let's hope we get something like this for CDL matches soon...

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