The Best Warzone 2 P890 Loadout | Another OP Akimbo Build

Secondary weapons usually aren't relevant in Warzone 2. But this akimbo P890 build is straight-up broken. Here's the best attachment setup for the P890 in Warzone 2, enjoy.

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Here's our favorite P890 setup for Warzone. | © EarlyGame

When people talk about the Warzone 2 meta, they're usually referring to the best primary weapons. But because we have Perk Packages now, and can't just pick up two weapons via Overkill as easily as we could before, secondary weapons are more relevant. And out of all the secondary options out there, the P890 akimbo build is one of the very best options, alongside the X12 akimbo build.

We ordinarily provide you with perk and equipment suggestions in our Warzone loadouts, but as this is only a secondary weapon, we'll stick to attachments and tuning. If you are interested in a complete loadout guide, check out some of the best primary weapons you can use with the P890:

Note: This is a build for Warzone 2.0, if you're interested in choosing a good secondary for Modern Warfare 2 then you want this overview of sidearms of MW2.

The Best Attachment Setup For The P890 In Warzone 2

With these attachments, the P890 is one of the best secondary options in the game. | © Activision / EarlyGame


Unlock Requirements
Attachment Tuning

FT Steel Fire

P890 to Level 24Default


XTEN Sidearm L-400X12 to Level 14Recoil Smoothness (+1.40 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+1.00 in)
Rear Grip

Akimbo P890

P890 to Level 26Default
Trigger Action

Bruen Express

P890 to Level 15

Recoil Smoothness (+0.18 oz) / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.06 in)

Ammunition.45 Auto FrangibleP890 to Level 3Damage Range (+0.50 g) / Bullet Velocity (+6.80 gr)

As this is an akimbo build we can completely ignore Aim Down Sight speed, and instead we can focus on hip-fire, damage, and fire-rate. This particular combination of attachments will provide the highest possible K/D, and for those with good trigger-fingers, you will absolutely fry people in close-range.

If you need to grind some weapons for these attachments, here's a link to buy Modern Warfare 2.

And there you have it, the best P890 akimbo build in Warzone 2. Akimbo pistols won't be for everybody, but try them out and see if you aren't shocked by how quickly they down enemies up-close. Plates may as well not exist.

These pistols fry in DMZ as well...

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