The Best Warzone Top Break Loadout | Snakeshot Is Back!

The Top Break has an ammunition type similar to Snakeshot from way back in the MW days. Couple this with Akimbo and the Top Break turns into a pocket shotgun on Warzone, perfect!
Warzone Top break
These puppies are seeing a lot of play in Rebirth right now. | © Activision Blizzard

Mere days after the sawn-off Akimbo build has reached mainstream popularity, the Top Break emerges as a contender. Long story short, this build is basically the .357 Snakeshot Akimbo build from the very early days of Warzone. If you were playing back then, you'll remember how damn lethal the combo is, and with the Top Break we're seeing similar results.

Still don't believe us? Allow the Top Break to speak for itself. This clip comes from one of our favorites, ModernWarzone:

As he says himself, these puppies can challenge the lethal Akimbo double-barrel build that's doing the rounds right now.

Note: This is the best setup for using the Top Break in Warzone, but for Vanguard's multiplayer, you need different attachment setups. Here is our guide for the Top Break in Vanguard.

The Best Top Break Attachment Setup

Top Break attachment setup
Trust us, this setup does absolute bits. | © Activision Blizzard
MuzzleF8 Stabilizer
BarrelWilkie W-4 Stub
Trigger ActionRapid Action
Magazine.30 Russian Short
Ammo TypeM15 Short Shell
Rear GripPine Tar Grip
Perk 1Akimbo
Perk 2


This build is all about the M15 Short Shell ammo, which widens the bullet spread to be closer to a shotgun, and the Akimbo perk, which allows us to pop two of these off at once. Akimbo is unfortunately the final Perk 1 you unlock, and this build only comes online after you've got that attachment. Everything else in the build is there to increase damage, hip-fire accuracy, and fire rate.

Well there you have it folks, the perfect setup for the Top Break. They aren't as good as an SMG or an AR in your secondary slot, but if you're diving in on that 6th circle loadout, then they can do bits and clutch the dubs.

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