BOCW & Warzone: Free Access Week & Double XP Weekend

Bocw free access week july
The free access week is starting! This weekend, we also have 2XP! | © Activision

Black Ops Cold War is receiving a Free Access week for its Zombies and Multiplayer modes this week, and both Warzone and BOCW will be getting a Double-XP weekend. What will be included in the BOCW Free Access Week? When will the BOCW Free Access Week be available? We've got all the details.

Holy hell! Another Free Access Week for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? Another 2XP Weekend for Warzone & BOCW? It's almost like they're desperate for players! It's a tad unsurprising, to be honest. The latest Call of Duty has hardly been a favorite, and it's bleeding players to Warzone and other shooters. Thus, the July BOCW Free Access Week is a fantastic way for Treyarch to garner some more support, with players able to check out the game's excellent Zombies, and not-so-excellent multiplayer modes. The 2XP event? Well, especially for Warzone, who doesn't like Double-XP?

The BOCW Free Access Week for July does perfectly coincide with last week's Season 4: Reloaded launch. What's going on in the mid-season update, you may ask? Well, you're in the right place...

Will There Be A BOCW Free Access Week?

Yes, after leaks from the Xbox Store that already revealed that there may be a BOCW Free Access Week coming, it is now confirmed. Just like in the past, the free access week for BOCW makes a lot of sense right now, as Season 4: Reloaded only landed in our laps a few weeks ago.

Additional to that, Black Ops Cold War is haemorrhaging players. Most players only play the game to farm experience points for Warzone, and those who play it properly are very few. The game may have sold like hot cakes, but it is hardly making anyone's bucket list for best games, and Modern Warfare still has a more active user-base. All in all, the BOCW Free Access Week is a great way to get more people into the game, and more people experiencing what the game has to offer.

When is the BOCW Free Access Week?

The BOCW Free Access Week for Multiplayer and Zombies will be available from July 22, until July 29. That's an entire week of free Call of Duty, and if you haven't checked the game out yet, it's the perfect way to sink your teeth into the game's fantastic Zombies mode. Multiplayer might have been a bit of a dud this time around, but if you are into Zombies, then this is – in particular – a must play! Especially since it's free...

When is the Warzone & BOCW Double-XP Event?

The Warzone & BOCW 2XP Event will run from Friday, July 30, until August 2. The event will be both a Double-XP event and a Double Weapon-XP event in both current Call of Duty games, and will be a fantastic way to rank up, get some sweet loot, and just have a generally great time. Anyway, now it's time to dive back into BOCW Zombies... cheerio!

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